Peace and Homemade Applesauce

Dear Friends,
For the last six days, my home was filled with family and friends. My pantry, garage and fridge were packed with food. Twenty-six people shared Thanksgiving at my table(s). Including my immediate family, nineteen people slept under my roof until saturday. It was – as promised – our annual Thanksgivingpalooza. But, the past few days of insanity, loudness and laughter were wrapped up warmly in homemade applesauce, 3 turkeys and a ham.

I sit here now alone in my studio tapping keys to speak. The dishwasher is the only thing chattering. My mom and dad left about an hour ago. The giant husband and delicate daughter are both at work. The big son is at a friend’s house. I’m here with Rocky the Shepherd and Mojo the Dachshund wishing they’d kept up with their ESL lessons. Rocky is a bit sad like me. Mojo is happy because he’s no longer being carried like a strapless handbag.

Every year as much as I wish for peace and quiet by day four of Thanksgivingpalooza, I realize it’s only the quiet that returns. Peace can be loud, insane and crazy wrapped up warmly in homemade applesauce, 3 turkeys and a ham.
Clown AroundThank you. May you dream of a life filled with friends, family and warm applesauce.
Sad Clown created a month ago, waiting for the right moment to share…

16 thoughts on “Peace and Homemade Applesauce

  1. Hi, AnnMarie — I’m laughing at your comments about the dogs (ESL, Mojo a “strapless handbag”). You know what they say, someone else’s craziness is another’s longing. Your family life sounds wonderful. I can tell that you all enjoy your time together and have a great time, and I envy you that I do. As you say, peace and quiet are two different things, and you’re fortunate to have both, 🙂 Hope you have a good week ahead, D.


    • It is absolutely zany when everyone is here – but I miss them when they leave. It’s always more difficult being the ‘leavee’ than the ‘leaver’ I think. I do appreciate the family being together and I know how rare a treasure it is. So, I complain more in jest than anything else 😉 Most excellent week to you as well, my friends. AnnMarie 🙂

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  2. And I thought eight made for a crowd! I’m so glad you had your crazy family days together. And I agree, it is easier being the “leaver” than the “leavee”. I hate watching my son and his lady drive away, but am heartened that they will return in time for Christmas. Have a wonderful week! – Fawn


  3. I pared my Thanksgiving holiday down to one celebration, one meal and one day or recuperation this year. It actually took place the day before the holiday because of work schedules. The food was great as were the leftovers the following day when I could finally breathe normally again. I love cold turkey and stuffing.

    Even though I had been given a gift card for Thanksgiving dinner at Sheri’s Restaurant I decided against using it so I wouldn’t burn out of turkey, etc. That gift card will come in handy later, when I’m broke and in need of a good, hot meal.


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