Praying for Holiday Magic

Dear Friends,
When I was a little kid, I used to sneak down to the small créche my mom set up every Christmas. I’d kneel before the nativity scene and pretend I was a humble shepherd. Swaddled in midnight darkness, I’d whisper to Baby Jesus that even if I didn’t get the rabbit and the banjo that I asked for every year, I’d still be kind and good to others.

Today I’m thankful for so much in my life, but maybe I’ve become complacent in my gratitude. Perhaps this year I need to be a humble shepherd. I will kneel and pray that the magic of this holiday season touches those in need of magic…

Sometimes even wizards hope for real magic…
thinking wizardThank you. May your dreams be fills with the magic of slumber…

Thinking Wizard created yesterday for a good friend. He will be auctioned along with many other items to help raise money for the Washingtonville Wizards Senior Class’s Graduation Celebration.

14 thoughts on “Praying for Holiday Magic

  1. This is a beautiful drawing of a wise wizard, AnnMarie, and done for a good cause … so you’re a “humble shepherd” already. You know, I think your personal joy in the holiday season does touch people already; your passion and enthusiasm rubs off on those who need the same. So don’t worry about becoming complacent in your gratitude — you’re not. And about that banjo: I wanted one, too, and always figured some other little girl, like you, probably got mine.


    • I wasn’t done (this dam**&&&* iPad! I touched something and presto! my comment was published). I meant to add that if you had gotten my banjo, I would have been happy for you (covetous, but happy nonetheless), 🙂


    • Talk about not being nice and or humble – I was cussing my good friend out as I had to get the darn wizard done Thanksgivingpalooza sunday! It was a good thing everyone but my folks were gone. And when they left around 2ish – I created Mr. Wizard. You know I got a zither one year, but never a banjo. A few years back my husband surprised me with one – after listening for years about my “banjo-less holidays.” AnnMarie 🙂


      • Well, you work well under pressure, that’s for sure. And I have a dulcimer-thing … we need to start a “blogger band,” ha! You’re husband is a good man! I have to be careful this time of year about what I “want” or “like” — it often ends up gift-wrapped! I’m not complaining, just sayin’. 🙂


      • I think we could have an awesome band and did I mention I like singing opera-style! I adore Mario Lanza. I can already hear your plinking dulcimer setting the musical pace while you also sing of course! 🙂
        I’m just now sitting down to draw, geez…I ran out to purchase stocking stuffers while all the coupons are usable – I still spent too much. But I just saw the most beautiful scene – at the Dunkin Donuts (yes, I stopped there too) an elderly lady and I exchanged smiles before she got into her car. When I came out she was still sitting in her car giving her giant dog and little dog w/sweater holiday treats – too freakin’ cute.
        AnnMarie 🙂
        Your hubby sounds quite wonderful – I’d expect no less 🙂


      • I can’t cary a tune even if it had handles on it (ba-bump) — you’ll have to do all of the singing. Dang, Dunkin’ Donuts, that sounds good — and your story is sweet, too. People really can be quite gentle and kind with animals, thank heavens. 🙂


      • Har-dee-har-har, Miss ROSElli! (BTW: There used to be an ad campaign in Indiana: “There’s more than corn in Indiana” … problem was, no one knew what that “more” was, LOLOLOL)


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