Faith Enough to Hug Rudolph

Dear Friends,
“…Faith is believing when commonsense tells you not to…”
Rudolph Thank you. May you dream of flying on a reindeer…

Reindeer Hug inspired yesterday morning while watching, Miracle on 34th Street. The art turned out a bit differently than originally imagined. I was going to make the elf younger and chubby-cheeked, give her wavy curls and wrap her arms around Rudolph’s muzzle. I decided or rather my pencil did to go a different way. My pencil desired a more bizarre face. It said “let the Christmas hat’s white trim ‘act’ as hair and let Rudolph’s head have a clearer presence.” So pencil and hand skipped down a different candy cane path. Hope this was okay, I was only allowed one vote…
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10 thoughts on “Faith Enough to Hug Rudolph

  1. Aha! You ARE watching Christmas/holiday movies already! I missed Charlie Brown the other night (darn), but I have it on DVD. So, Miss AMRK, I really do like this elf and reindeer, and I like the fact that the elf is older (why should kids get all the fun of hanging with reindeer?). I know what you mean about the pencil having a mind of its own; I see a story in my head one way, but my fingers tap it out differently on the keyboard; always seems to be the case. Well, I’m glad you let your pencil and hand lead! Good day to you, Miss!


    • Hi there, Deb.
      Insane day yesterday. The big son’s (Max) wrestling season has begun. It not only includes several meets per week but all day saturday tournaments. Keith and I try to never miss any. I will be missing this saturday’s tournament for annual cookie baking with an old friend who looks forward to visiting with the family.
      Thank you for your kind Christmas comments 🙂 too. I wrote a post a long while back about waiting to watch Rudolph on TV. I think kids today miss the entire wonder-of-waiting. ALl my brothers and sisters would sit around the TV and watch the onetime season viewing of the Xmas specials. AH, the good old days. I hope your writing is proceeding forward and you’re accomplishing much. I hope the kitten was found to be in good health and that you’re happy with whatever decision you’re making regrading him/her. No worries 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂


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