Running in the Circles of Life

Dear friends,
Our lives are often spent running in circles navigating around the circle of life.
Before 2015’s ball drops, let us stop our spinning wheels a moment and give thanks, hopes, dreams and thoughts for this new beginning.
Let a shiny twelve months of renewed resolutions ring true.
Let this set of 365 roll in with songs of peace, words of wisdom and acts of compassion.
Let a fresh solstice bring the gentle moon nearer to our souls.
Let this year open balled fists across the planet into clasping hands held on earth.
Let this latest revolution around the sun remind mankind –
we are but humble guardians in the circle of life.
Circles of Life

I wish for you a joyous New Year. Let 2015 be – Mr. Magoo said it best, “…more glorious than grand!”
And as the ball drops, let the dreams rise 🙂
New Year's Ball Circles of Life art created yesterday playing with Christmas markers from giant husband. New Year’s Ball photo taken yesterday too. Originally a Disco Ball (found this terrific idea on internet/broken CDs glued to styrofoam orb – made this for delicate daughter’s strobe-light 2007 birthday party) will now double as a New Year’s Ball for party!  Thanks to the big son for playing pedestal. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Running in the Circles of Life

  1. Beautiful art and words (as always 🙂 ) But that disco ball… what a dazzling idea. I have so many old cds which usually get recicled… but I gotta try this. A happy and joyous New Year back to you and your familiy. 🙂


    • We hung the disco ball up and directed a strobe light at it. The ball was hung up by a long wire/string then I twisted it tightly so it twirled and Disco Basement was born! It was great fun. The ball was also fun to make. The cds stick to the ball perfectly!
      You’d have great 2015 fun!
      Happiest of New Year’s to you and yours!
      Thank you for the kind words too 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂

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  2. Okay, Missy, you’re ending the year on a beautifully poetic note, and I’m a little teary-bleary eyed reading it, in the most positive way, wishing that everyone, everywhere could read this and take these words (and gorgeous art) to heart. Gosh, it’s so true, the circles of life — the older I get, the more I see how concentric our lives really are. Well, I’m so glad our blogo-lives have collided in this wide-open cyber world. 🙂 Hey, and tell Max good job holding that terrific disco ball — takes strength and balance to pose! 🙂 Have a gloriously (one of those -ly words again!) Happy New Year, AnnMarie! Here’s to your dreams rising ….!


    • Deb,
      All the best to you in the New Year, my dear blog friend. Thank you for your kind words. I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a simple resolutions list.
      Okay, things for Deb and AM to do in 2015 –
      Care for living things near and far
      Learn how to make balloon animals
      Learn how to play things with strings
      Learn to draw perfect circles
      Save time for the stuff in between 🙂
      Learn how to spell extraordinaire and all its permutations without use of dictionary (this is optional for Deb, but a must, for AM)
      AM 🙂

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  3. One of my favourite quote is Elbert Hubbards “As we grow better we meet better people ” and 2014 was really that year I did meet better people and you where one of them AnnMarie ❤️ happy 2015


    • Ah, Simon, my dear friend,
      I wasn’t going to go online today, but I found a wee bit of time before my guests arrive.
      I wish peace and joy for you and your beautiful family in this new season of hope and possibility. Your determination to help those in need is a rare gift, humbly received and gratefully shared. I wish for you the strength of perseverance and the glorious starry eyes of dreamers. You, will make a difference. You will help others make a difference. And the love you bestow will return tenfold. May all your dreams come true and manifest in a healthier Liberia 🙂
      Warmest wishes in 2015,
      AnnMarie 🙂

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