“ball is life”

our children start moving away
our parents begin moving closer
the circle of life is a shape
that falls flat on its side
with no dimension
just one 360
and your time is over

I prefer a sphere
the sphere of living
the globe of going
the ball of bounty
you may go ’round
and around again
so let that dazzling ball drop
and roll into
a blessed and hopeful future

maybe sport advertisers
do know best
“ball is life”

Little Tree

Little Tree

art published last Christmas season


Almost Infectious

sown young with grains of optimism
a throng of high-pitched voices giggle
their vocal cords will change
sequestered in my studio
their party is in the other room
separated by more than a door
as these teens will be one day
the hands stroking the keys have seen hard time
the eyes, have witnessed much
how can they have so much to laugh about
when they see each other almost every day
I hear the brightness of their skin
I taste the scent of possibility
almost infectious
ah, the teen years
for a moment, I’d kill to return
until I remember
I did a lot of dying back then
I’m glad for the door
Frank Sinatra and I can get cozy
I’ll continue writing with the hands and eyes that have been so good to me
all these years…

Caroline Hands Crossed

Caroline Hands Crossed

my lovely, delicate daughter, Caroline


Dream Well 2014

My Friends,
We begin each year with promise. We end each year with hope. And in between we live. For me 2014 consisted of 365 attempts – some successes, some failures – to find daily fulfillment. The last months were wrapped in family, friends and food. I’d like to share a quick reel of my recent holiday season with you. Feel free to hum, The Twelve Days of Christmas while viewing.

My holiday season began with Thanksgivingpalooza (5 days of family, food, fun and shopping, did I say food) –

Delicate daughter posed like a Christmas Tree, free of charge, for her mom’s art –
delicate daughterDealt with holiday shopping exhaustion –
Mojo's feetShared big son’s wrestling moments –
MaxRocky the Shepherd and yours truly, tried shedding T’day pounds before Christmas –
ExerciseMade holiday decorations using fruit mailer packaging –
fruit treeAttempted snapping Xmas photo with all subjects cooperating –
Xmas 2014Christmas Eve-ing’ at The Roselli’s – Manjia!
More food A few Roselli’s and attachments (more were hiding in other rooms) –
Xmas EveDessert, dessert, did I say dessert… –
more dessertElf on Shelf terrified Rocky the Fierce –
fierceWaited for Santa or wanted to draw yellow snow angels (they’re creative) –
waitingBig son went missing when Santa showed up (He still admits nothing) –
santaTried lifting away Christmas pounds before New Year’s –
liftingLaughed in the New Year with family & friends –
RingingThe giant husband can still hear my voice above the din of the crowd –
Giant husbandRight eyebrow arched high, fist supported chin, sleep was not far behind –
girlsAfter the 2015 New Year’s ball lands, we begin the wait for mall Santa’s return –
mall santaHopefully Mojo the Dachshund will divulge where he hid Elf on the Shelf before next Christmas –
elf pullWe breathe a moment while peering out the window –
til next timeand look to the stars –
lightsand take comfort in knowing they’ll shine no matter the time of year.
Dream well 2014.

Thank you. Here’s to dreaming your 2015 hopes into reality.
And don’t forget to start polishing up those Valentines 😉

Holiday Disorder

Holiday Disorder

Running in the Circles of Life

Dear friends,
Our lives are often spent running in circles navigating around the circle of life.
Before 2015’s ball drops, let us stop our spinning wheels a moment and give thanks, hopes, dreams and thoughts for this new beginning.
Let a shiny twelve months of renewed resolutions ring true.
Let this set of 365 roll in with songs of peace, words of wisdom and acts of compassion.
Let a fresh solstice bring the gentle moon nearer to our souls.
Let this year open balled fists across the planet into clasping hands held on earth.
Let this latest revolution around the sun remind mankind –
we are but humble guardians in the circle of life.
Circles of Life

I wish for you a joyous New Year. Let 2015 be – Mr. Magoo said it best, “…more glorious than grand!”
And as the ball drops, let the dreams rise 🙂
New Year's Ball Circles of Life art created yesterday playing with Christmas markers from giant husband. New Year’s Ball photo taken yesterday too. Originally a Disco Ball (found this terrific idea on internet/broken CDs glued to styrofoam orb – made this for delicate daughter’s strobe-light 2007 birthday party) will now double as a New Year’s Ball for party!  Thanks to the big son for playing pedestal. 🙂


Zoo Balloons

Dear Friends,
Why balloons? Why not. I think we all deserve colorful balloons every now and again. We adults were children once, long ago. Inside many of us an inquisitive, excited, optimistic…inner child presses near the surface. But we keep our inner children locked up tightly. Why would we want anyone to notice our zany, sparkling potential? And yes, sometimes a ridiculous or vulnerable dimension might sneak out. Aged innocence sometimes becomes hardened apathy. No one likes to be hurt. No one likes to appear silly. No one likes wearing their ‘heart on their sleeve’…

But I say today, let’s be silly. Let your inner child out, even just a little bit. Enjoy the bliss that inexperience brings. Let down your guard. Smile at a stranger. Hug yourself. Live this day as a child, not as an adult dreading the start of another long work week.

And if your balloon pops with a big noise, floats away in the blue sky or looses its air, simply get another one in a different color and shape… Zoo balloons only cost a penny.

zoo balloonsThank you. When you dream this night, dream of an endless balloon parade and all the things your joyful inner child will do tomorrow.

Zoo balloons rendered with Tombow Markers created while feeling silly. (a very talented artist/blogger, In Freckles, recommended trying Tombows and I must say I’m lovin’ them. Sometimes, using the Prisma pencils can take a toll on the wrist)


Of Parties and Scary Clowns

Dear Friends,
I hope you’re all enjoying a lovely holiday weekend. Yesterday, the big son had his first scrimmage. His football pants started out white and no bandaids were needed.

team This is the last time his pants will sparkle. I’m a bulk launderer and don’t use bleach.

football cropAfter our morning of football, we were off to a Labor Day barbecue. The people at this gathering – all funny – all great friends. At some point we were exchanging clown experiences. The big son – when little – once attended a birthday party where there was a bright orange-faced clown.

I understood the big son’s need to hide in the other room, because I was already hiding there. Even the children’s laughter echoing from the other room and the sound of balloon animals being twisted into form, could not persuade us to leave our hideout.
Thank you and may you all have a glorious, scary-clown free weekend!

Pasta the Clown

Pasta the Clown

Scary Clown drawn late last night with the studio door locked.
Football pictures snapped with phone yesterday morning.

Shy Party Dog

Dear Friends,
This upcoming weekend my father will be celebrating his 83 birthday. The man called Vito, is still tough as nails and hard as a hammer. The entire la famiglia will be gathering for this auspicious occasion. My father and mother visited my home last weekend to help celebrate my mother-in-law’s 81st birthday.

During this last visit, as he sometimes does, my dad dug out some of his F.B.I. escapades. My father is a fantastic storyteller. His attention to detail, his character profiles, his memory and his sheer joy in recounting the days as a successful agent never cease to captivate. Our family is quite blessed to still have our strong patriarch.

This is one of my favorite photos of my parents, circa 1980-

mom and dadSince I’ve had birthdays on the brain, Shy Party Dog manifested-
shy party dog
Thank you and goodnight. May you dream of fantastic parties held in your honor…