Dream Well 2014

My Friends,
We begin each year with promise. We end each year with hope. And in between we live. For me 2014 consisted of 365 attempts – some successes, some failures – to find daily fulfillment. The last months were wrapped in family, friends and food. I’d like to share a quick reel of my recent holiday season with you. Feel free to hum, The Twelve Days of Christmas while viewing.

My holiday season began with Thanksgivingpalooza (5 days of family, food, fun and shopping, did I say food) –

Delicate daughter posed like a Christmas Tree, free of charge, for her mom’s art –
delicate daughterDealt with holiday shopping exhaustion –
Mojo's feetShared big son’s wrestling moments –
MaxRocky the Shepherd and yours truly, tried shedding T’day pounds before Christmas –
ExerciseMade holiday decorations using fruit mailer packaging –
fruit treeAttempted snapping Xmas photo with all subjects cooperating –
Xmas 2014Christmas Eve-ing’ at The Roselli’s – Manjia!
More food A few Roselli’s and attachments (more were hiding in other rooms) –
Xmas EveDessert, dessert, did I say dessert… –
more dessertElf on Shelf terrified Rocky the Fierce –
fierceWaited for Santa or wanted to draw yellow snow angels (they’re creative) –
waitingBig son went missing when Santa showed up (He still admits nothing) –
santaTried lifting away Christmas pounds before New Year’s –
liftingLaughed in the New Year with family & friends –
RingingThe giant husband can still hear my voice above the din of the crowd –
Giant husbandRight eyebrow arched high, fist supported chin, sleep was not far behind –
girlsAfter the 2015 New Year’s ball lands, we begin the wait for mall Santa’s return –
mall santaHopefully Mojo the Dachshund will divulge where he hid Elf on the Shelf before next Christmas –
elf pullWe breathe a moment while peering out the window –
til next timeand look to the stars –
lightsand take comfort in knowing they’ll shine no matter the time of year.
Dream well 2014.

Thank you. Here’s to dreaming your 2015 hopes into reality.
And don’t forget to start polishing up those Valentines 😉

Holiday Disorder

Holiday Disorder

22 thoughts on “Dream Well 2014

  1. I’m humming and smiling as I view your great photos of this past holiday season, AM. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all, including pups Mojo and Rocky (funny, we bought nieces Elfs/Shelf as presents this year — maybe their dogs will enjoy them more, though). 🙂 And what a nice “peek” into your home and holiday traditions, which provides much warmth on a cold morning. Glad, too, to see your beautiful children and handsome hubby. Now, instead of “where’s Waldo?” … where’s Miss AM? 🙂 I know: you’re camera shy (me too)! Have a wonderful day, Miss!


    • Yes, my blog sister – I too detest being on the wrong side of the lens. 🙂
      I am in the ‘gals on couch’ photo (heads pea-sized)
      I hope you’re beginning this morn with all critters in good health.
      I don’t normally like to to do posts with many photos – my pic taking is often blurry (too much coffee drinking 😉 ) but I have so many pics on my phone. I figured, “what the heck” let’s do one post before downloading these images to cds and storing them away forever. 🙂
      AM 🙂
      Wondrous Wednesday to you!


      • I have been working forever on an essay about photos and “being in/out of the picture,” trying to figure out what that’s all about. 🙂 The critters are sleeping, even the … (better not be a mouse!). Funny about phone-camera photos: The other night I finally figured out how to get my 900+ photos “off” my phone onto a computer to safely store them. You, too, have a great Wednesday! Hey, I’m meeting with that social media “guru” this afternoon. If I learn how we can get rich blogging I’ll let you know! 🙂


      • Your essay sounds fascinating and it better include an author photo ;-). LOL – I don’t think you need to worry about mice with cats around. Maybe Sophia is the most stealth of all 🙂
        Last year – sorry this is gross – Mojo caught and ate a live mouse – who knew – I thought he only liked Mighty Dog 🙂
        I have to get everything off my phone. I video all of Max’s wrestling matches, concerts…not to mention all the pics of Mojo for Caroline (she’s a nut).
        I did a post way back when – called something like Photophobia? Or Run like Hell He’s got a Camera – I can’t quite remember the title. If memory serves it includes a dorky wedding photo. I was able to pose as there was wine involved 🙂
        I hope your doggies are well today.
        I adore the word – guru. It evens sounds like it’s in motion… Enjoy your meeting and I hope it is a smashing informational success. And yes, if you find out how to become rich and famous please pass it on 😉 I need to hire someone who knows how to cook!
        Thank you!
        AM 🙂


      • I did not know that dogs will eat mice. (Of course, they’re often said to have “garbage gut,” so makes sense). Hmmm, a future post? 😊 I may have to interview you for my photo essay — and yes, wine will be available/involved! 😉 Why stop at cooking? I need to hire a cleaning person, too!


      • I didn’t know either, until I witnessed him enjoying a mouse-pop. YUCK 😉
        Interview away, I can hide both me and my glass over here in NY.
        Hah, I had cleaning in my original comment and deleted it as not wanting to appear too lazy 🙂
        AM 🙂


  2. More proof that we were destined to be great friends: your holidays include family, friends, and food, not necessarily in that order (and pets, too). I loved seeing all the pictures (yes, even the blurry ones) of everyone in action, But here’s where the “professional” scrapbooker kicks in: The safest place for your pictures is printed and in an album — or at the very least, in a photosafe box with a lid. CDs, external hard drives, computer “brains”, cell phones, are all technology that can fail or become obsolete. But we are still able to view and enjoy photographs from the turn of the last century. Please…for the sake of grandchildren yet unborn…put yourself in more of the photos and print them out! (Okay, I’m off my soapbox now.)

    Thanks again for being one of the best gifts blogging has given me. Happy dreaming, AnnMarie. – Fawn


    • Hi Fawn,
      FIrst, I hope everything is okay and that you’re feeling a wee bit less sad this am. A lighter heart is gained when the edges of loss are smoothed with time.

      Coincidentally, my post this am deals with handwriting and how a solar flare could zap our history – a case for bringing back handwriting. Thanks for the pro photo advice. I do have a few black photo boxes purchased from a home show. I should use them. Of course they’re currently stored in my kiddies old toy box. That makes sense right 😉 So today, out they come. And I do need to print out the pics. I wasn’t thinking along the lines of tech becoming obsolete but it always does.
      My poor mom took many photos through the holidays only to later discover she never had the sym card in her camera.
      Warmest hugs your way,
      AM 🙂
      I thank you as well, my friend 🙂


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