cliff driving

breaking inside
so this is what it feels like
not so bad
I can ride this out
my Harley is jacked
chiseled with painted flames
and gassed up
plan on doing the 218
you know, the black zigzag along the Hudson
when me and the Harley squeeze
the sharpest cliffs and steepest drop
I’m gonna leap off the saddle
and let that tricked-out bike fly solo
there goes my pain
crashing with mortal heat
into the frigid river

bike babea bicycle she rides, but we can pretend it’s a big, awesome Harley

Thoughts to Nepal – may the death toll stop rising and the injured get the help they need

17 thoughts on “cliff driving

  1. The kid in “The Doudette” gives up cars for motorcycles, Part II. LOL Seriously though, this is great, AM — and the last lines, perfect. Of course, you know, I had to look up the 218, and I can definitely see how that would be a perfect “cliff drive.” Love the language here, Miss. You’re riding in style these days — of course, I don’t wanna be on the back of that Harley with the protagonist of the poem, but you get my “drift.” πŸ˜‰ Love the artwork, btw. A strong woman. [Also: glad you reminded me about Nepal — I’m going to include similar statement; I feel so terrible for those poor people; help for them is so slow in the coming.]


  2. I could feel the vibration of the Harley in clear sight and wondered how far over the cliff it would fly. It was not until the end that I realized you could reach out and pick it up without worry of drowning. The largest bike I had was a 650 but you had me going on this one. Great work! Nice thoughts for the many hurting and suffering in Nepal!


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