she followed me home

the version tonight
I do not like her
the woman who came home
that one
she followed me
had the nerve to walk in my shoes
into the house
in soles not made for stomping
yelling in a voice that should be singing
she’d said
the other version, the one I like
warned me awhile ago
things might get a little ugly
like a volcano
festering stuff below the tonsils
when that one gets angry
she’s not pleasant
not even to the cute little dog
no one is safe
the only thing two extra legs buys you
when she’s in that mood
is a fast walk into a little crate
I hope when she finishes firing off all her rockets
she flattens into an autumn shadow
I want the person who entertains me
yea, the one who mostly laughs
even when it gives her smile lines

Pumpkin Sweet

Pumpkin Sweet

19 thoughts on “she followed me home

  1. I know this is a “post,” but I’m glad you’ve written it … to blow off steam. Anger is healthy. And I know that you’re okay now, because you’ve written this, gotten rid of whatever it was that triggered writing it. Today (Tuesday) is a new day, a clean slate. πŸ™‚


  2. Rough lines in her hair here…..delicate lines in her legs, and in the bottom of her shoes. Frustration coming out in that pencil in her hair, smaller details, the spirit quieting with the pen working as you move down this impish figure. Just an amazing drawing!!!
    And the words — definitely a double whammy today! “She flattens into an autumn shadow” and wanting the happy girl to return, even when smiles create wrinkles …. Love this imagery at the end.
    I can see the words and drawing are born from a frustrating day….subbing can be the pits. It’s like, do these kids understand anything about being nice, polite, respectful…..those are in the worse days. But then there are some days where you connect….if even for a moment….and if even with three or four kids. From afar my dear, I appreciate you and know you are doing one of the toughest kinds of teaching there is. And oh how it helps if the person you’re subbing for, let’s you really teach instead of “babysit” with “read this chapter and answer the questions at the end” or “free reading” kinds of assignments. Keep strutin your stuff my dear…….and leave the baggage in the school parking lot when you drive home πŸ™‚


    • Ironically, I drew this figure while subbing a few months back. And I think I sketched her on lunch break while I was feeling quite happy – go figure πŸ™‚
      Very frustrating day yesterday – had to regroup and will go at it again tomorrow – the schedule is alternating so the tougher classes I’ll face again tomorrow – hopefully with a smile πŸ™‚
      Thank you for your kind and sage words of subbing wisdom…

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