ghost horse

It has been said of the song, Wildfire, it arose from the artist’s subconscious
–a Native American tale about a ghost horse

mythical and sweet
oh, imagine
a golden Palomino mare carrying sunlight upon her hide
how she would warm your aching body
settle your bones

ferry you to another place
distant from worry
away from strife

all you hear
rhythmic patter of spiriting hooves
winged forelocks
lemon-white mane wrapping your bare skin
keeping you secure
she gallops across the planet
without grazing earth

your stomach lifts
your heart steadies
peace she finds
for you
never the same place

if you should call her twice
if you should summon Wildfire
to guide you away
she may just bring you
back home again

sketched on the way to New Hampshire last week, after listening to Michael Martin Murphy sing his Wildfire

I want to again thank those of you who sometimes read my verse. I’ve been amping up the language or at least trying to. I’m not always comfortable pushing the pub button with some of these posts–last night’s is a good example. I challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone. I hope by doing this, I’ll discover other directions to pursue. I do admit it is fun dreaming up saucy voices–though these ‘characters’ make me the saddest after they’ve been fleshed out.  With each piece I try to get away from who I am and write as if I’m someone else. Sometimes these ‘personalities’ beg the question-okay, AnnMarie–what’s the next move. I’m not always sure. It is this uncertainty that pushes me onward.
Thank you, again.
I’ve called on Wildfire more than once:)

Have a lovely weekend.

9 thoughts on “ghost horse

  1. Beautiful horse AnnMarie! Superb writing as usual! I feel so great I am almost half way done with the new book ‘From The Grave’ in 2 days and there is a big following for it. I want to tell you more but you will love this book. I get a lot of views on here and on my facebook page. It seems I am most popular in scary horror and I am glad my dream is to be a Vincent Price or Christopher Lee remembered for Horror. Doing another interview on youtube for ‘From The Grave’. It’s a lot like Scream. I love those movies so now that they don’t exist anymore I write them so I can read them. AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo!

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      • Your welcome I am quite pleased that Lauren will be the new star of my horror series. I don’t think she likes horror or will read it but being famous and loved by my horror readers will certainly make her happy. I am going to make readers love her because she is a great person, mom, husband and someone overlooked and very deserving. Thanks AnnMarie I will keep sharing old stories daily for you to read. I doubt you have a lot of free time on your hands to read but if you want to take a look back at where it started I’ll be posting as many as I can. Nice to see all the wonderful girls who have been part of the series. Lauren is the future now though. Happy weekend AnnMarie to you woo hoo to my beloved AnnMarie there will be a new video filmed this weekend I’ll be sure to give you the link to the post.

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  2. What a beautiful verse, what gorgeous sentiment these words turn loose. “Another place / distant from worry” … Ah, shuttle me there. 🙂 Of course, animals in general, the horse Wildfire here–our 4-legged friends have a way of bringing peace and calm, of bringing us back to ourselves once again. And you know I couldn’t read this poem without hearing that song in my head–the oddest thing, really, like a soundtrack embedded between your lines. And I didn’t know that about how it was written–but I believe it. Such a pretty but sad song. And what a wonderful drawing to go along with these words–love the frenetic lines, that Rosellian touch.

    As for your addendum: I said this in another comment to you, but you should never apologize for what you’ve written, what the muse has led you to write. I say let uncertainty push you onward–oh hell yes! 😉

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    • Wildfire is definitely one of those songs that never leaves the grey matter – it settles into the little spongy pores

      thank you for your kind comment, DS
      I try each night pretending I’m a different person – it’s actually quite entertaining and most difficult thinking through unfamiliar filters – especially non-Mediterranean ones;)

      thank you again


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