this is for the man

this is for the man
who raises his children
despite the fears
hidden beneath his cape
this is for the man
who teaches young hearts
to embrace
courage enough
to face their own fears
this is for the man
who despite his wounds
and scars
battles ever onward
leading always by example
even when his mind and body
are exhausted
he teaches his children
it is not by the flesh–
fingers, arms, legs
but by the heart and mind
we are all connected
this is for the man
whose stubble
their supple face skin winces at
when they goodnight kiss
his solid chin



13 thoughts on “this is for the man

  1. Beautiful Work AnnMarie! What are you and the kiddies doing with your husband to celebrate father’s day? My dad and are watching The NBA Finals tonight. He’ll be eating his wings and I’ll be downing my ice coffee. I found a old Playstation 2 game where Michael Jordan returned from retirement in 2001-2002 to play for the team he owned The Wizards. That are a bad team but its fun playing with Jordan and I am playing season mode. I played 3 games and I am 3 and 0. Gonna be fun. My video is being filmed next week my sister was too busy. It needed more planning by next weekend I could be done with the book lol. My sister is kind to help with these videos not easy to do. AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo Happy Fathers Day! Maybe I’ll be a father one day!


  2. Amen, AM.
    Beautiful words for a special day (I’ll admit, I’d almost forgotten). Would that all men could read these words and be so moved to be the fathers they can and should be. I love the ending–reminds me of one of A. Hempel’s short-shorts where the women kiss the men good-night I feel their stubble–as you have described it such a perfect, sensual (in the sense of “the senses,” not sexual) touch, the children’s smooth, youthful skin compared to the man’s “solid chin.” Such a perfect detail indeed.
    Tell Keith Happy Father’s Day!

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