you sexy things

seven am
returning from a school drop
two older gals
walking, striding, smiling
yea, it’s shining
not as brightly as these two powder-fresh sprites
their white Sketchers impossibly polished
like their well-seasoned eyes
almost see facial twinkling from my car
I’ve lowered speed
crawling my Ford tires
slow the rushing axles

beaming at these living cherubs
while I sing along with Sirius ’70’s

wouldn’t you know
you sexy thing
starts playing
too freakin’ perfect

exuberant I’ve grown while observing these fine ladies
damn, still buckled in
I wanna get out and dance
run, sprint
stride step with these great smiling ladies

I picture them shakin’
moving their tried and true derriéres like they were 25
and in their minds, they still are
easy to deduce by their meandering glitter trail

I bet these 2 beauties were live wires
the kind that stretched and sprang back
knocking all them young lads for a loop
and a tongue tie

with their bedazzling smiles
and fine fighting features
you go girls!
you sexy things!

 even more perfect ’cause I love hot chocolate especially after wine;)

20 thoughts on “you sexy things

  1. Good morning AnnMarie! How are you today? I feel great yesterday I thought my book needed some work I had too many characters with not enough to do and it turned into a run of a mill slasher but I turned it into a great book with a great story when his father reveals to him hes not his real father and Scratch the killer that snapped and killed everyone years ago that the parents and police killed for justice together so he wouldn’t get off in a trial the stepfather reveals it was his mistake to let that happen and its like Friday the 13th instead of the mother being the killer it was the real father. The real father snapped because the wife after the affair would not marry him so he couldn’t have a child of his own which made him snap as he was a kind guy and loved all his elementary students children the big mystery left is who is the killer? There are suspects but if I were you I’d read the last few chapters you are in for a big surprise that will make the book a classic. AnnMarie=Number One! woo hoo!


    • your welcome
      I had the very same thought, Robert. I kept waiting for the lead singer’s dance sway to speed up. Restrained – hmm, both good and bad. But I generally prefer the no crotch-grabbing entertainers. (I do have a soft spot for Michael Jackson though)

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  2. Ok — my internet was playing havoc with me yesterday afternoon — I could swear I posted here but I think it never went through…so will do again. Different words, same sentiment as when I read this yesterday. “moving their tried and true derriéres like they were 25
    and in their minds, they still are
    easy to deduce by their meandering glitter trail”
    Absolutely dancing while sitting down — reading this — thinkin’ bout dancing to “You Sexy Thing.” Yep – I can see these glittery ladies out speed walking, swinging their hips. You and me, babe. Dancing down the shoulder — 🙂 fun fun piece!

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    • lol, Lillian
      you know I can’t remember (besides around the house always) the last time I went out dancing – that’s just sad, geez
      there was a time I had to be ripped off the dance floor
      I enjoyed writing this one – so very perfect the timing of the song and the gals striding
      thank you

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  3. In our hearts I hope we will always remain “sexy things”, even though some of us are pushing ancient and cannot imagine ever letting another man into our lives. And thank you for getting a wonderful song stuck in my elderly head for the rest of the day! – Fawn

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