you sexy things

seven am
returning from a school drop
two older gals
walking, striding, smiling
yea, it’s shining
not as brightly as these two powder-fresh sprites
their white Sketchers impossibly polished
like their well-seasoned eyes
almost see facial twinkling from my car
I’ve lowered speed
crawling my Ford tires
slow the rushing axles

beaming at these living cherubs
while I sing along with Sirius ’70’s

wouldn’t you know
you sexy thing
starts playing
too freakin’ perfect

exuberant I’ve grown while observing these fine ladies
damn, still buckled in
I wanna get out and dance
run, sprint
stride step with these great smiling ladies

I picture them shakin’
moving their tried and true derriéres like they were 25
and in their minds, they still are
easy to deduce by their meandering glitter trail

I bet these 2 beauties were live wires
the kind that stretched and sprang back
knocking all them young lads for a loop
and a tongue tie

with their bedazzling smiles
and fine fighting features
you go girls!
you sexy things!

 even more perfect ’cause I love hot chocolate especially after wine;)


five-cent pump; a murder mystery

queue red pump
a hand-painted sign reads 5 cents
that’s where the bloodstained diamond ring is found
not the body, she’s missing

a long rubber tube reaches into a black hulking car
with a grimacing silver grill
and a great shadow-casting hood ornament

designed by Jimmy Durante
that’s what I read in a retro diner somewhere
off route 46, maybe it was I95
fade to dim office

clanking Royal typewriters
swinging low lights
and leggy secretaries
dumb but smokin’
the night moon is pushing through slotted blinds
golden diagonals dramatically cut across dark green desk blotters
amber bottles are stashed in low metal drawers

a chisel-jawed guy smacks his fist
a nearby detective swizzles on a straw
like the red pump
except it’s a lot shorter
it only has to reach his curling lips
he’s clanking murder motives together
like the ice chips in his tumbler
if the clues were more cerebral

and less like the obscene-sized hood ornament
or the bad comb-over toupee
Don Morzellio wears to look good for Gina
who cares only about the bulge in his pants
the back pocket, not the front
the show would have to run much longer
the intense detective gulps down his bourbon
he’s figured out who dun it
the mystery parceled together
while drinking and making small talk with the sexy secretary

cracked windshield, blood-splattered ring, paid rat
and exaggerated theme music
woman with straw hat black lady jane created a few weeks back

Sexy Skeleton

Dear Friends,
The profoundness of the human soul is only limited by the human brain. We look and label in the very same instant. Some of us believe we’re appointed to judge others in the visual stratosphere. We can be harsh, even cruel at times. Our brains often close down before ‘their’ words can come anywhere near our hearts.

There is a wonderful line in the song, Colors of the Wind that so perfectly sums up our predilection for ‘beauty and sameness.’ So I’ll forgive Disney for making Pocahontas a bit too sexy. And I’ll thank lyricist, Steven Schwartz for his wordsmith brilliance:
“…You think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you, but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew – you never knew…”

How our thought processes would change if we were all just sexy skeletons 😉

Sexy Skeleton

Sexy Skeleton

Thank you. May you dream of walking side by side with someone you don’t care for. And may the dream enlighten you…
Sexy Skeleton created while wearing dishtowel ’round my neck, much like my nana used to do whenever she was working in the kitchen.

Whenever I Feel Afraid, I Whistle and Make Monsters

Dear Friends,
I love show tunes because you can sing at the top of your lungs without guilt. I love show tunes because they embody music, word, prop, makeup, magic and my favorite ‘ism’ – Escapism… I especially adore, The King and I. Many years ago, I fell in love with Yul Brynner and his sexy voice.

At the beginning of every school year, I sing Whistle a Happy Tune ad nauseam. A more perfect union of words never existed…

Whenever I feel afraid
I hold my head erect
And whistle a happy tune
So no one will suspect I’m afraid

While shivering in my shoes
I strike a careless pose
And whistle a happy tune
And no one ever knows I’m afraid

purple grumpThe result of this deception
Is very strange to tell
For when I fool the people
I fear I fool myself as well

I whistle a happy tune
And every single time
The happiness in the tune
Convinces me that I’m not afraid

purple grump groupMake believe you’re brave
And the trick will take you far
You may be as brave
As you make believe you are

You may be as brave
As you make believe you are

Whenever I feel afraid I whistle and make monsters 🙂
Thank you. May you dream of little purple men carrying you off to dreamland…
Purple Grump and Purple Grump Clan created 2009 for monster project

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