sometimes she just gets tired
her little world snags on the edge
it doesn’t want to spin
neither does she
kryptonite sometimes settles across her womb
in the dark where light once lived
a spec of universal magic
slapping weightless color across heaving walls
offers no more portals
and the face present for all
is its most false
on the other side
baby gorilla
baby chimp in prisma on construction paper done a few years back-thank you

6 thoughts on “kryptonite

  1. Oh….I remember this drawing and loved it from before and love it now. Especially love those first four lines — isn’t it the truth? In these dog days of summer, still with demands on our time, it can seem like there’s a snag in our world….and sometimes, it can be a bit hard to sew it up!
    Thinking of you my friend….in these dog days.
    PS: We are traveling to the Adirondacks next week — are you out that way?


  2. Beautiful work AnnMarie! Dr called back great news I get a new sleeping med next week. I am proud of myself for giving him some straight talk and fihting for my health. I wrote Rita B’s son Leo a book for his 2nd birthday. It’s called Leo and Rita B a must read for you about a mother growing up with their baby as they grow into a man. AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo!


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