My first

author-shot-full-b_w-1Well, what can I say? My moment of truth has arrived. Come mid-December, my first book filled with my heart and dreams will be out there orbiting reader-land. I can only hope it will alight upon many a curious traveler. I honestly don’t know how love of the monster will be received. I’ve created a little book (spine is just shy of 1/4″) filled with big monsters. The monsters are paired with love poems that I think best represent their personalities. So I have these passionate words married to fearsome images, other times, the images are not so fearsome, maybe a smiling, pretty ‘vampiress.’ So it’s anyone’s guess if my little book will have any bite;) At the very least it will be an interesting experiment for my off-kilter sense of humor and love of all things monster. And now I must practice what I preach. I must be as brave as I’ve taught my children to be.
Here goes…
cover-image-jpegmy exceptionally talented sister-in-art, Grace Roselli took my author photo

40 thoughts on “My first

  1. I can’t wait AnnMarie I am buying my copy when it comes out! I am a proud of you I am going to show it to all my friends and family. I am back working on my Punky Brewster book ‘Rita B Brewster’ half way done its been fun. Look forward to your book AnnMarie the start of many AnnMarie books! AnnMarie=Number One! Woo Hoo!

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