Raven Hall Pool

new flash piece, Raven Hall Pool, Firefly Magazine

writing flash fiction is such a joy for me
creating poems in the first person as I often do holds me back a bit
I sometimes fear a kind reader will think, “AnnMarie is sad, AnnMarie is whacked, AnnMarie better get her shit together…”😉

in flash fiction I can go hog-wild
it’s liberating for a mom of two teens, a giant husband, one small dog and caretaker of three elderly folks

this particular flash piece is based in reality
it is near and dear to my heart as is my sweet mom (her image in background)

4 thoughts on “Raven Hall Pool

  1. Sup AnnMarie I got good news to report I am feeling better and got the support now of an outreach program of caseworkers who will meet with me every week to help me in my recovery. The first few weeks is paperwork. I am doing better with my diet and eating fruits and veggies because I feel good I have some distractions like football that give me joy so its easier to diet and just rest and not worry about my writing. it may take a few months before i recover and i really feel well with these distractions to keep my mind engaged with something else then thinking about my recovery. i feel a lot better than i did two weeks ago. hope you are well. ttys

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