a long time in the making

After experiencing several monster-sized issues, my eBook is now available. Truth be told, post-problems it was ready in late January, but at the time, I had not the heart to promote it. So without further ado – some new illustrations and a new poem too – love of the monster – is yours for the downloading (oh and a tiny $2.99)

thank you

4 thoughts on “a long time in the making

  1. Good for you AnnMarie! Keep up the great work! I look forward to more of your work. I may check out some of your old work. Some good ole ‘old school’ AnnMarie. I have been writing a chapter a day and I saved up money to increase the size of my horror dvd collection. It’s fun and reduces stress. Hope you are well my lovely very good friend!

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    • Dan,
      so glad you are well and you never cease creating – a chapter a day! wow! good for you, my friend
      In between helping my mom at rehab, I’m working at a ‘revised’ creative schedule – I gotta get back to my studio or go crazy – and I choose studio over crazy😊

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