6 thoughts on “long-time friend

  1. Hey AnnMarie how is the weather over there? We get 3 straight snowstorms. How is your mom doing? I met this nice girl from the group knits works as a pharmacist and cashier at liquor store she has panic attacks before work because you deal with some people who can get riled over med insurance. She always asks about my musicals. Well I got to peace out and get some dinner

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  2. What a frickin’ adorable pup, AM! [Charlie, btw, sends a few barks Mojo’s way]
    You know, seriously though, this is damn fine writing. It’s really hard to write from an animal’s POV, and do it well. Virginia Woolf, I’m told, did so, but most people get too cutesy. Your words here, however, are sweetly serene, melancholic I’d even say — exactly how a dog (at least I think) would think about his adored mistress. Beautiful poetry. DS

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