what the hell did I make a book for

I created the print version in 2016, don’t really advertise it much, what the hell did I do this for? never about the $, maybe about the pride – the ebook came out in 2017. I gotta continue try giving it wings like the monarch – flies away🦋then returns –

Since creating the ebook version, I had the bulk of the print books sent to my home – my mom and I were planning to have a grand  time peddling, love of the monster, at fab autumn-fests throughout the Hudson Valley. Since my beautiful mom had a stroke – plans have changed. For now boxes will remain in my closet ’til my heart cheers.

18 thoughts on “what the hell did I make a book for

  1. I’ll buy them all from you! Don’t get down Love Of The Monster is an awesome book. People may give it a cult following. Don’t get on yourself for trying and if you don’t get the results just keep trying. I loved all your work and I am not the only one. Go for your dreams always AnnMarie! Beautiful woman Beautiful talent Beautiful book!

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  2. Answer: Because you’re a writer.

    Dammit, AM, that last graph is a tear-jerker, a palpable, tender sadness. I can see you and Millie wandering about the HV selling your books, talking to folks. I know she’d be your best bookseller. Who knows that it still can’t happen—but maybe in another way you just can’t imagine.


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    • thanks so much -ds
      I was so looking forward to doing this with millie – we would have had such fun
      she’ll always be with me in spirit

      thank you for these gentle words🌹
      and hey, you never know…

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  3. What the hell did I make a book for…
    It was in you AM, it had to be born. Shared. Joy given to just one person through your art and words gives it life.
    I’m sure your mother got great joy and pride to see and share her daughters work. Because the book jacket on her world has changed. The words within are still has strong.
    Just like the words in ‘love of the monster’ will remain strong, till your ready.
    Love to you all AM.

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    • thanks so very much, George for your kindness – it’s greatly appreciated
      my dear mom has lived a good life – sad it has to be like this for her now – but she is loved and surrounded by family – I pray this eases her pain


  4. Oh, AnnMarie, I have been MIA for awhile and didn’t know about your mom. It is so hard when our mother/daughter dreams go awry. Just love on her while you can and know that this part of our lives is very special, too. (And you wrote the book because your marvelous monsters deserved to be out in the world. Their time will come.)

    Hugs to you from this mildly crazed grandmother who is doing very little writing right now.


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    • hi there fawn
      so nice to read you here
      I’ve been off track for quite some time too
      -this is not always a bad thing
      so much of my time has gone to my mom’s care
      now that she’s in a nursing home – I have a little more time to return to my work and maybe in the future bring my books out to fairs with my mom alongside in my heart
      I hope you and your beautiful family are well


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