what the hell did I make a book for

I created the print version in 2016, don’t really advertise it much, what the hell did I do this for? never about the $, maybe about the pride – the ebook came out in 2017. I gotta continue try giving it wings like the monarch – flies away🦋then returns –

Since creating the ebook version, I had the bulk of the print books sent to my home – my mom and I were planning to have a grand  time peddling, love of the monster, at fab autumn-fests throughout the Hudson Valley. Since my beautiful mom had a stroke – plans have changed. For now boxes will remain in my closet ’til my heart cheers.


winter’s wilding

Out there echoes the brokeness of my situation.
It crashes the house oblivious to the shattering person inside.
The trees how they yield for mercy, begging to be spared.
Helpless are we to save them.
As he was to salvage me.
Agitated currents force unrest below the stones.
Invisible fists lay waste to my sweet plastic pots for spring planting.
The nascent air–bitter instigator of material tears–shoves and pushes into massive tantrums.

Not here.
Thank God, as I can’t take anymore breaking.
Inside, my squatting flesh reverberates with leftover aches.
Old blunders once a spiral of mad air.
Winter’s wilding beyond the anchor of a little brown desk.
Where his feet once rested on my knees.

swirl skating

piano bellies

there was this kid
long ago
she liked playin’ piano bellies
from beneath their wooden hulls
didn’t follow
couldn’t follow
pointing fingers
her little brain
had its own direction
above her eyes
the strings
pianos and buttermilk
churned in glass jars
along the highway of years
loaded with orange cones
white lines
not creating
but moving
just the same
just the same
she was no different

peace wish

peace wish