Honored to have my poem “Stronger” published in Literary Mama-a beautiful testament to the spirit of motherhood…
“Literary Mama first started to take shape in 2002 as a class called Writing About Motherhood taught in Berkeley, California by Amy Hudock. A group of mothers continued meeting at the conclusion of the class, and within months, had connected with other mother writers who, like them, were producing work that was deemed too complex for glossy parenting magazines and too mother-centric for traditional literary journals.”

“…our current staff of 27 includes women from across the United States, Canada, and Israel. We’re communications professionals, university professors, writers, editors, copy editors, photographers, and moms. Our contributors hail from all corners of the world.”


a worn woman stands in my mirror
half-cocked smile working its way to the corners
my mother deserves a joyful daughter
my mother, the one in the mechanical bed
I remember a version of me
standing tall with my broad frame and big hands
(gifts from my dad)
ready to take on life’s traveling circus
I fancied myself a carnival strong-woman
all muscles and charisma

what of this beaten figure confiscating my reflection
proud shoulders curving toward the dirt
hands large like her father’s, now achy and brittle

I long for a return to those 360-mirror days
sauntering like a big cat
pumping fierce iron
positive in mind and powerful in body
yet here I am with the memory
unable to ignite the revival
my beloved weights, big stacks once impressive to many
abandoned on a cold gym floor somewhere

still I lift every day
my mother’s broken body like a heaving sack of flour

from bed to wheelchair to commode
up and down up and down
up ramps down ramps side ramps
in around and back again

with each passing day
I grow stronger


11 thoughts on “Stronger

  1. So happy to read this good news, AM!
    A great poem – great journal – great re-plunge into the literary world.
    I know you’ve had your hands full, my friend (and still do), but I think this proves you 1) have extreme talent and 2) need only to work at your own pace to get your work done and 3) must send, send, send!
    Lovely poem, AM – thought so first time I read, think even more so reading it published.

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    • geez DS – where does the time go! I think only four-legged critters really know and they don’t care – I should follow them for inner-peace😁 thank you for your lovely words – and I do hope to create more words too –


      • My grandgirls are now 13 and 9…time is flying by. Lily is becoming a very accomplished artist and loving 8th grade Advanced Art (her first art class), while Olivia is a gutsy little dancer who also sings with our church choir (the only kid in the bunch). Life is good. – Fawn

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