Blue Humor

So very honored to have “Blue Humor” published in The Stillwater Review

“The journal maintains a dedication to the lyric poem—musicality at the heart of it, the delicate ideas at work in the layers. Since that time our journal has published poets like Michael Waters, Judith Vollmer, Paul Genega, Adele Kenny, Robert Mitchell, J.C. Todd, Chuck Tripi, Mihaela Moscaliuc, Diane Lockward, Robert Carnevale, Jessica deKoninck, Edwin Romond, Lois Marie Harrod, and Roberto Carlos Garcia.”

9 thoughts on “Blue Humor

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! Another published extraordinary poem. I still read love of the monster all the time. Anything ‘AnnMarie’ is good. You really have skills and talents keep working hard and you will get what you want hard work pays off and shoot for the biggest dreams!

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  2. I knew this one would get taken!
    Congratulations, AM! A Peg poem, for sure. Really like how you ran the lines on this one, especially that penultimate line with the space before “dad.” Perfect.
    I’ve been on a SM “sort of break” for a few days, reason I’m just seeing this. Geez, I probably should go off a little more often, and longer, but I hate to miss out! LOL I guess that’s what they mean by “FOMO” (fear of missing out).

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