new prose in Cagibi

I’m beyond thrilled and honored to have my prose piece, Postcard from a DMV Parking Lot in New York, published in Cagibi Express! It is a marvelous journal.

4 thoughts on “new prose in Cagibi

  1. Congratulating you and your brown eyes (which miss nothing) on an epic achievement! You are a fierce talent and a unique voice, and I’m rooting for you all the time. Oh– and don’t squat under any transformers makin’ de funny BZZT-BZZT and throwing off a heap o’ sparks!! 😊

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    • thank you, funny man
      you kind words never cease to amaze me – and I always appreciate laughing😁 (all the while thinking, damn-this guy keeps making my smile lines worse😅)
      merry, merry🎄 – my friend

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    • ah, DS
      you know i can never stop thanking you for all your treasured guidance over these past – lol or is it passed – dang😅 – years

      here’s to both of us surviving 2020 – sure to be filled with many rejections – and perhaps a few acceptances along the yellow brick road🌹

      thank you, always for your kind words-truly


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