6 thoughts on “elf not on a shelf

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! You planning a great Christmas? Family dinner! Hope Santa brings you something good. Keep warm and keep on with your art and writing. AnnMarie you are the most beautiful girl ever! You are more pretty than 3 billion super models. Hope all is well and keep in touch!

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    • hi there – dan
      i’m having the family over for a lovely gathering – i’m going to bring our mom to my house too (bust her out of the nursing home for the day!)
      i’m so glad you’re keeping up with your creative mind – more importantly – i’m so glad you’re doing well😊
      always staying positive – a role model for us all
      and yes, my friend, you know how to make an old gal, smile (thus, increasing the wrinkling currently going on her face😁)
      merry, merry!🎄

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      • Thanks You Look in the mirror and see your beautiful face and say you are beautiful. Your wrinkles have vanished when I see you being a beautiful person inside takes that beauty to surface and all to see. Glad your mom is coming home for christmas. Merry Christmas any Christmas with AnnMarie is good!

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