for my cousin

each day her spirit leaps out
from the mirror
into your warm breast
she is there
ever present in those generous eyes of yours
her love of life and family
her passion for art and laughing
there is no missing her presence
in your reflection
a smile so deeply connected
even death
cannot hold it captive
lenore and toni anneMy spirited Aunt Lenore and her lovely daughter, Toni Anne pictured here in 1985
Toni Anne’s daughter’s wedding is fast approaching
Lenore would have been front, center and beaming with wedding preparations for her granddaughter, Victoria
Lenore passed away seven years ago after losing a brave battle to cancer

…for my beautiful cousin, Toni Anne who is missing her mom more than ever…


Thanksgiving is a fowl day for some…

Today I saw a turkey with bribe money crossing the road to hide behind some chickens


Turkey art first published last Thanksgiving

the ride

it is difficult stepping away from those tracks
against a crystal skyline
pillars of graceful loops and effortless curves
are intriguingly sexual and artistic
we approach without planned caution
when in tactile position
become overwhelmed
with complex magnificence
our senses fire off
excited for limitless possibilities

the engine pulls up
with its H.G. Wellsian glow
Dalí inspired cars follow
enticing soft-shapes open up
we board
as sure-footed as the person ahead of us
the ride begins
at a drugged snail’s pace
we plummet down
upside over
we stopped appreciating the beauty
ten wrenching loops ago
our stomachs lurch forward
our hearts race upward
something catches in our throats
but damn if we’re letting go
we chose this ride
thrilling as it goes
we know
it can’t last

Zoo Balloons

Zoo Balloons

didn’t have any art remotely roller coaster-esque, hoping balloons get me close –
zoo balloons created a few months back previously published 🙂