Pictorial Love Notes for Our Beautiful Mom in a Nursing Home

Since many nursing homes, including the home our beautiful mother is in, are currently closed to visitors, every member of my family sent a pictorial love note.🖌

Our mom only has one functioning arm, and her brilliant mind isn’t what it used to be, so she often has phone difficulties. For a lovely Italian woman who is all about family and friends, images with notes are a warm embrace on a lonely day.👨‍👨‍👦‍👦
We put our pictorial love notes in a binder, and dropped the binder off at her nursing home’s security desk. 🌹
If a loved one, or dear friend, is in a nursing home, why not send a pictorial love note 😊
Hope you, your families, and friends are well❤️

And thank you, to all those working in the medical field, nursing homes, eldercare and assisted living facilities…you are truly appreciated❤️

5 thoughts on “Pictorial Love Notes for Our Beautiful Mom in a Nursing Home

  1. May God bless your sweet mama, AnnMarie. And your family of course. I too am thankful for the men and women of the medical community! Be safe and well.


    • hi there, V.J. –
      thank you
      at my mom’s home, they let you drop things off at the front desk –
      I do hope to continue adding to her book every week – till this all passes
      let’s keep the faith, and it will and it shall!
      be well

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    • thank you, Kimberley-
      I visit with my beautiful mom during the week, my siblings go weekends – this is the best way to keep close during these ‘sequestered’ times
      stay safe🌹


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