Dear Mr. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

I sit by my beautiful mother’s nursing room window every day—unable to give her comfort.
When I hear your voice barking Covid, Covid, Covid, I pray for the strength to forgive you.



12 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Trump

  1. You don’t have to forgive him. He’s a terrible person and did terrible things. He brought out the worst in people. I’ve had people I didn’t forgive because I know they aren’t really sorry and never would be. I am told when you forgive someone you are doing it for yourself. Sorry about your mom even if you can’t give her comfort she knows you love her. In my family love is unspoken. Feel better AnnMarie thanks to you I’ve become a better person and quit cigarettes and cigars, You take care AnnMarie

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    • Keep the faith, my friend
      I’m so happy to read your quit smoking!
      You take care of yourself and that kind heart you’ve got.
      Thank you for your thoughts, Dan.
      I believe forgiveness is internal yes, but it flows external and can affect great change

      Empathy, forgiveness – all things necessary to spin the world

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