Oh, Little T


Little T grew up at my husband’s nursery. Her coop was decimated this Wednesday. Her unique personality will be forever treasured. She reminded us all how far a little happiness can go.
I must admit, I’ve been a meat-eater in the past. Over the last few years, I’ve stopped eating red meat, but have dined on poultry. Writing this piece has inspired me to finalize the vegetarian push. My son turned vegetarian two years ago, he’s a fabulous role model.
I hope you’re all managing each day okay.

8 thoughts on “Oh, Little T

    • Good morning, my friend!
      You know, writing this really has rocked my chicken-eating world. I don’t eat red meat but I do sup on chicken. I must follow you and Max to a full v lifestyle! Though, I will not ever stop eating Peeps on Easter!😁

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      • Ah, Peeps are fine (and gooey)! 😂 You know, I’ve often thought that if little kids could do one of those “school visits” to a chicken factory and see where their Chicken McNuggets come from, there’d be no way in hell the smart little buggers would ever eat them — they’d turn up their noses and demand 🥕!!! The book that turned me around was Jonathan Safron-Foer’s EATING MEAT (I think that’s the title?). He’s a novelist, but when he and his wife were about to have their 1st child, he wanted to know what best to feed for health and the planet. Vegetarianism is definitely a “planet/climate” issue. That book absolutely blew me away!

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      • Thanks, DS – I will check Safron-Foer’s book out. Years ago, I’d borrowed, Omnivore’s Dilemma, from Max. Pollan’s book was his required 8th grade reading. It shook me back then, admittedly, I’ve since forgotten much of it. But with what’s going on in the climate world, days of avoidance are over.

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  1. Welcome to veggie world. Stopped eating red meat around eight years ago. Chicken and seafood around two years ago. About a year to sort my cooking over to vegetarian, love cooking and trying veggies in new ways. New meals, new tastes and new mistakes 😂 ☘️

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    • Hi there, George
      Do I get a broccoli-shaped ID 😁
      I hear veggie world is quite expansive. I look forward to learning from the pros! If you come across an excellent veggie recipe – send my way. But only a simple one, I’m a disaster in the kitchen.
      Hope all is well in your world.

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