Sometimes Painting a Dog

I hope you and your loved ones are well.

I believe every human being should paint a dog. This is our Mojo. My daughter, who will miss him when she leaves in August to study Sustainability, asked me to paint his endearing face for one of her blank walls.


I’ve been on a personal mission to improve my word and art mind while trying to avoid deep media dives. I generally remain off-politic on this site, maintaining this space as my creative respite. But there’s so much going on out there, and I worry what this world will be like for my young adult children and their future families. The heat isn’t only climate-related.

I believe every human being is entitled to:
be whoever they believe they are
love whoever they choose
A woman’s body is her own as are her personal choices
I pray my daughter has the freedom to make her own choices
(Mojo’s background was originally purple, my daughter requested more earthly tones:) )

mojo purple

10 thoughts on “Sometimes Painting a Dog

    • wow, look at us back at WP!
      it seems like lifetimes ago – when we began ‘blogging’ doesn’t it, my friend😁

      and thank you, as always, for your generous words and encouragement through these crazy creating years🛶🌹


  1. Hello AM, good to see your still creating art. What a nice idea of having a pet animal done has a painting to have has a reminded of it at home. Most would just have a snap on their cell/mobile phone.
    True the world is a different place from what I grew up with knowing. The young are growing up in today’s world so will only know it and will see the changes in their future world. Just has we look back at our youthful days.
    But I do feel people are becoming modern day slave’s to a system that is and will erode freedom of mind and soul.
    I’m glad that I was a child off the sixties and seventies. ✌️+❤️ AM.
    George ☘️

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    • Hi there, George
      I hope you are well

      It does make the heart glad to make something using heart and hands, especially since I’d been creatively-off for sometime

      i concur with your sentiment – growing up in the ’60s and 70’s was a gift and now a treasure to hold close –
      in an era where technology has become a third hand

      am:) 🌟


  2. I love how you’ve captured the spirit and character of your dog here – this should give your daughter real joy during her absence. As the father of a 30 year old woman, I fully agree with your assessment of the world as it now stands. It’s our kids who will bear the brunt of earlier generation’s inability to deal with the reality of their actions, unfortunately. Wish your daughter well from me, especially as she is studying a subject of vital importance to all of us.

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    • She’ll really miss Mojo, and I do hope his painted image eases her pet-pain❤️😊
      Oh, Stuart – the world is so very worrisome at the moment, but I hold out hope in your daughter and in mine – these beautiful, intelligent young people – who will affect positive change for the betterment of humankind.
      So nice to see you here:)

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