I Never Gave Her a Name

I’m a week late posting this piece in the gem of a journal that is Microfiction Monday Magazine. The micro form transforms one’s writing heart into a fluid and raw state. For me, writing micros frees my mind from the baggage it so often carries while trying to impress. I hope you stop by Microfiction Monday. And while you’re there, check out all the marvelous micros; Edition 116 boasts beautiful pieces by David Hensen and G.J. Williams!

Thank you, Microfiction Monday, for publishing and sharing I Never Gave Her a Name; sometimes words take me back to a doll-less time in my childhood.

micro monday

(image or highlighted text will transport you to Microfiction Monday Magazine)

4 thoughts on “I Never Gave Her a Name

  1. The Doll With No Name? And she wore an old Navaho blanket and smoked a cigar? What about Clint Ann?– as in Clint Ann Eastwood??

    Sorry, A-M, just teasing. I loved your micro-reflection and wanted to reach back somehow and wipe away your tears. Sorry to have been a stranger for so long. Did the move go OK? Are you settled in a new house, splashing paint and words on the walls?? Hope all’s well with you, even tho that’s probably not a good emotional state for a writer… 😅

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    • Well, a howdy hello and hi there, Mark!
      So lovely to read you here. I do hope all is well with you and your rocking creative world!
      And, I wouldn’t mind being related to Clint:)

      I thank you for your kind words. Ah, the trials and dollies of childhood. I always smile whenever I write these little bits of reflection. Sadness way back when has molded me into an appreciative and happy adult:)

      We’re settled in our new digs. Our ‘new’ house was built during the Great Depression. We’ve updated a few things. But man, homes were built rock solid back then. And this particular house had many caring owners, and was well-cared for. We’re quite happy here.
      I’ve been off my art for too long and I’m making a return to paint in the coming months. Meanwhile, I have tried and continue trying to improve my writing!
      Happy belated Valentine’s to you an yours!😁

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