and so we spin…

do you ever think about how the world is?
a giant sphere
spinning and spinning
on an invisible stick
rotating around
a burning explosive star

we’re on this ball
going round and round
like a cheap carnival ride
we’ve no choice about the spinning or the rotating
we can’t even decide if we want take the ride

the only decision we make is
how firmly we will plant our feet on the ground
with the time we have
so we don’t fall off when we’re spinning

and spinning and spinning…

Eleman Suit

Eleman Suit

art previously published


alien theory II: implanting heroes

Far in the future (hopefully) industrious aliens land on earth, specifically North America. While conducting homestead research, their sublocators are drawn to human skeletons.

Locator data reveals a periodic match: The dust that formed earth (billions of years ago) originating as silicone and oxygen (from exploding stars) has also been found in female bones on the east and west coast.

While conducting additional research, the aliens uncover millions of photo files. Soon they understand how these silicone-carriers were magnanimously celebrated by the human race.

The aliens go on to teach their offspring how earthlings protected precious silicone payloads beneath their own skin in two great bags carried near the heart.

The aliens decide to occupy earth and also come to revere big-breasted gals. They  wonder whatever happened to the god, Hugh Hefner and his rabbits.

“It was heroic implanted females who tried saving the human race from its silicone doom…”

nano, nano…
boobellathis is a little giant enhancement ‘humor’ only
not reconstructive surgery due to illness…thank you

when the delicate daughter was quite young, she asked her mom why the girl on the magazine cover had a “toosh” under her neck…

quickie sketch – shortest one yet!

conspiracy theory

reality tv
kardashian fever
bieber buns
nip, tuck
suck in, plump out
fashion foibles
sex scandals
sex-laden sitcoms
dirty politicians
hot bodies
cool faces
their sexy offspring
reforming educational reformed reforms
parents acting like children
children behaving like adults
celebrating bad behavior
celebrity culture?
uncelebrated elderly
good behavior uninteresting
waterless streaming
unheavenly star power
war battling religion
religion battling bedrooms

the lizard people want us dumb and distracted
so they can take over the planet!

Cheesy Alien

Cheesy Alien, previously published – created a few months back…
The delicate daughter recently completed a conspiracy paper for her lit class – there are real lizard people…Google away, my friends…;)

‘Catually’ I’m a Dog Person

Dear Friends,
I’m a dog person. Why? I grew up with dogs. Our first family dog was a beautiful German Shepherd named Tima. I remember Tima well. I can still picture the little, black Shepherd pup being released from my father’s firm grasp. Since my first childhood dog, I’ve been proud friend to Rosie, Pudkin, Chama and now Rocky – all Shepherds – all special.

I was nine when I had my first “close encounter” with a cat. I befriended a mysterious grey cat I’d discovered slinking around the park down the street from my house. I assumed she was homeless. I can’t remember why. This gold-eyed feline seemed so very alien to me. The way she moved and the way she stared at me, so unlike a dog. I could always tell what dogs were thinking. This cat wouldn’t tell me anything she didn’t want me to know. I started bringing her a bowl of milk every morning. Then one day I tried petting the grey cat’s head. She nipped my finger and ran away. I never saw her again.

I eventually did manage adopting a cat when I was in my twenties. I was renting a house with several roommates, one of whom was my younger sister. Mimi was a sweet black cat with stubby legs. Mimi behaved like a dog. She came running whenever you called her name. My sister kept Mimi when I moved from the house. Mimi went on to live many long wonderful years, outliving all my dogs. To this day, whenever a black cat crosses my path, I smile.
Striped Cat

So here’s to dogs and to cats – hoping many of these beautiful creatures find warmth and comfort this holiday season.

Thank you. May you dream of hypnotic cats and slumbering dogs…
Cat Stripes created a few weeks ago after feeding the dogs.


Dear Friends,
I couldn’t resist one more outer space, outer-limit illustration if you’ll permit. As it so happened, I was listening to Darwin; Portrait of a Genius, on CD when inspiration struck. It was noted Charles Darwin spent three years and one month of his five year ocean voyage on land, during which time this dedicated naturalist explored flora and fauna to his heart’s delight. He also enjoyed turtle soup (who knew) and hunting birds. One such hunt was for ostriches. Something told me an ostrich and an alien would be great fun together –



Thank you and goodnight. May you dream of soaring through the aurora borealis and wake with a luminous heart…
Alihen created July 31, 2014 with a smirk and glowing Prisma fingers 

The View from Above

Dear Friends,
What is it about leaving our ‘normal’ lives if only for a few days, that throws off the brain’s trajectory? The trajectory being any forward motion beyond a REM cycle. How different we are from one another, whether two streets or many countries apart. Yet despite distance, we constantly seek out similarities. We ache for common ground on which to rest our feet. Beyond grasping the universal necessities of breathing, drinking, eating, sleeping and reproducing, we are often perplexed. The bravest of us dive deep to skim emotional distances beyond invisible borders. But many of us are not brave. We take comfort in comfort’s sake. Our superficial observations block insight. Languages are walls of jumbled symbols. Unfamiliar comfort zones are not easily navigated.

I wonder – as I’m quite sure many of you do – what non-earthly sentient beings would deduce from our world, both past and present. Would they consider us intelligent, performance-driven, altruistic and neighborly?  Or looking down at Earth, would they believe us devoid of any compass, moral or otherwise? Lacking universal sameness, would these sentient beings comprehend our world? Would they conclude we live well together?

This outdoor sculpture stands behind Marble House in Newport, Rhode Island. As I took this photo, the sky bright all around, I contemplated what a non-earth entity would make of this particular subject, hence what they’d think of us earthlings…

statueThe little green visitor below would like to give us, ‘the benefit of the doubt.’

Cheesy Alien

Cheesy Alien

Thank you and goodnight. May you slumber deep and float upon sparkling space dust…
Alien Ragoo created July 22, 2014 with Prisma pencil while listening to Lincoln’s Biography.