Creating Creative Space

Sometimes, inspiration comes in the shape of serendipity…

The inspiration
I was recently contacted by a cutting-edge company called WeWork asking if I’d like to share a post on my ideal studio space. This company encompasses a fresh approach to ingenuity and I was glad to learn such cool places exist. They offer creative co-working space in a collaborative working environment. You get the benefit of both internal and external energy as their studio spaces are located in several major cities.

The serendipity

My mother-in-law just sold her home in New Mexico and will be moving into my home, specifically, my studio space and adjoining music room the end of this September. My art belongings and I will move down into our finished basement. If all goes as planned, we will build a new studio at some point off the house somewhere…

Studio sentimentality
Since finding out my mother-in-law’s news, I’ve been contemplating what my studio has meant to me while also envisioning a new space. My blog’s header image is my current studio. I chose that image because it’s the heart of where I work. Each time I step into my studio and close the door behind me, all my life hats come off, except one. It is behind this studio door, in this most intimate space, where I do my best thinking, painting, drawing and writing…

studio red wallThe 30-second tour
In my studio there is a place for everything and the places are many-
cubbiessupply binswheel drawershelvesThe open areas keep the covered walls of inspiration from closing in-
studio angle table,easel,deskThe most important thing about a studio and I know not one creative mind would disagree with me here is lighting–there must be abundant natural light or the kind that lets you believe you do. In the evening, if I turn on all the lights in my studio I have faux daylight-
tableMy studio is my second home. Once inside, I’m transported to a place that allows me to think and work regardless of what’s happening on the other side of the door or in the world-
desk, laptopThese notes are the greatest source of inspiration for me-
max notecar noteFuture space dream…
I’ve loved this studio space. It has been very kind to me and I shall miss it. But I look forward to gaining a new space. When I researched the WeWork website, I found their interior studio designs very inspiring. I may try for a more clutter-free arrangement next time around. Right now, sky is the limit–that is–once I escape from the basement. 😉

Thank you,


fake smells

behind studio walls
tech lights flicker
trapped little flames attempt escape
desk ticks
white noise suffocates
beneath night’s cape
foxes hunt
coyotes beckon
stars breathe
should go out and play
with the ‘rousing moonlight
and the wild dogs
who don’t give a crap
about silly jar candles
with fake smells

foxFox in Prisma done 2008

binary affairs

we bathe in their glow
let their little emojis kiss us
allow acronyms to replace endearments
they tell us where to go
and we never question
round zeros, stiff ones (‘binarily’ speaking)
fit discreetly into our pockets
where the vibrations excite us
we weep if we lose them
panic when we leave them
turn ons
turn offs
so attentive to their every whim
our new lovers
oh, how we obsess

if “they” don’t sleep with us
maybe we still have a chance
of reclaiming our ‘humaness’ 😉



Galeen girl created a few months ago when I was less feisty 😉
And I am as guilty as the next – my cell phone will be in my pocket today 🙂

Tarzan No More…

Where is my inner-tomboy when I need her most
Why didn’t she make the call
No, she made me do it
I was a hedgehog rolling up in a ball to protect myself
I squeezed my eyes like a poor-sighted wombat
tears streaming down my face
My inner-tomboy is a wolverine
she takes down prey ten-times her size
She is a bottle-nosed dolphin
playful but oh, so very smart
I wish she would’ve been there for me
My Tarzan-holler would’ve wrested her
back from the jungle
but maybe I’ve become Jane
I did wear a sequinned shirt on New Year’s

Is Jane so bad?
Perhaps at 51, I’ve become girlie
So, I guess I’ll have to make the tough calls
Apparently, I’m Jane now
those pink sparkly Sketchers will hug home plate
’cause come hell or high water
I’ll swing that baseball bat ’til the day I die

wombatMay you dream of your inner-jungle human…

Wombat (endangered) created last week 
I remain Mac-less, on a PC and fumbling with image feature – this is blurry – my apologies.

Send Out a Clown

My Friends,
I’ve been ‘monstering’ day and night. I have only monster art right now and I don’t want to scare too many people all at once. So I was thinking: What’s less frightening than scaly hominids and gooey-mouthed creatures? Of course, the answer was as plain as the once-broken nose on my face!

My next thought was more of seeking out an appropriate image for this post with my less frightening theme in mind. It was then I remembered. Long ago, when I was at Prentice Hall there was a very exciting day. It was the day we received the Adobe Creative Suite. Well, I went to town and started playing around, learning enough to be dangerous.

I present to you my first and only glib stab at a political poster. Insert politician’s name of your choice. And, for those of you that graciously stop by my blogcabin – this is as political as I’ll ever get. Most days I try to keep anntogether a fun place to visit, where one can rest their feet and warmly chuckle.
send out clownThank you. May you dream of living free and having enough savings to enjoy your freedom.
Poster copy inspired by Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics, Send In the Clowns.

Mall Walkers and Snakes

My Friends,
During these freezing New York temps, the giant husband and I move our morning walks indoors. We enjoy extending breezy, “good mornings” to the tiny, senior parade marching through the mall at dawn’s light. Yes, the giant husband and I follow the senior circuit. We too, march along the mall’s orange footprint route.
orange foot Four times around the mall is two miles. During these little trips we’ve learned a few things: Don’t take with your wallet. Elderly folks who walk everyday do so with a smile. The giant husband and I must always walk faster than the tiny senior parade. Some elderly folks can walk really fast.
giant husband tiny walkersTwo lovely mall walkers, Gerri and Pat, were gracious enough to pose with the giant husband. I told them I had a blog and would like to use this image. They gave a resounding, “YES,” while still smiling they added, “we don’t have computers but our children do and we’ll keep an eye out for our picture.” 🙂

Sometimes to maintain a brisk walking pace, I imagine we’re mice and there is a large snake looming behind…
Snake MouseThank you. May you dream of peaceful walks with friends.
Photos taken last week. Snake and mouse rendered in marker for a project.




Dear Friends,
Once again, I was trapped in a dark room for seven hours. Keeping large classes focused on laborious computerized tests can make one quite mad. There were brief moments where student test takers dwindled. In these brief respites – white noise humming in my ears – my frazzled fingers sketched with a chewed pencil. There’s something lovable about printer paper.
pretty map ladyI had time to doodle out two sketches, the woman above and the dude below-

map monsterGuess which one I drew first 🙂

Have a wondrous, creative and honorable Memorial Day weekend…