All Things Great and Small

Dear Friends,
Though I spent my younger years attending Catholic School, I don’t consider myself religious. I’d call myself spiritual at best. This particular post includes text from Cecil Alexander’s, Hymns for Little Children. James Herriot used the first stanza from Ms. Alexander’s hymn, “All Things…” to title his fabulous series. Mr. Herriot’s three books are based on his 1930’s veterinarian practice in Yorkshire, England. These humorous, yet poignant books, are worth the time – if you have it to give.

All things bright and beautiful,

flowers close
flowersAll things great and small,

cabin kidsgreen monstermonster pants

All things wise and wonderful,

on couchThe Lord God made them all.

istaalligatorThank you and goodnight. May your dreams abound with earth’s wondrous creatures.

(The flowers are done with watercolors. I rendered the monster illustrations in Prisma pencil and I once had an iguana named Ista who I called friend. The croc is named Barney. Barney suffered tremendous depression when he learned a purple dinosaur swiped his name. Barney cried so many crocodile tears he rusted. )

17 thoughts on “All Things Great and Small

    • Well thank you. It’s funny because colored pencil is not my preferred medium. I began pencilling when my kiddies were small because it was so very portable unlike oil paints. I started drawing wildlife, poolside, then the wildlife wanted to become monsters…to which I have a book idea…we’ll see what the future brings…
      But, I thank you again for you kind words.
      AnnMarie 🙂


    • First, thank you very much. Second, I’m having a very hardy chuckle – only the child (my son at his cherub stage) is real. I’d have to think about placing the kiddies on large man-eating reptiles 😉 (though it would make for a terrific story!)
      AnnMarie 🙂


  1. Hi again…I am still is 4 AM …I couldn’t sleep anymore…I am enjoying every word and every picture…love, Mom


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