They Call Me, The Tiger Man

Dear Friends,
A few years back the big son and I were on a jogging/walking kick. We’d leash up Rocky and drive to a place where a perfect 2 mile loop waited. One morning on our walk, the big son and I noticed an older gentleman sitting on a lawn chair in front of his house. He commented on what a handsome pup Rocky was, then he told us he had baby cats. The way he said it was odd. He added, “if you wait just a minute, I just picked up some pictures.” He walked to his nearby car and grabbed an envelope. He took a batch of photos out and showed us his baby cats. This was his newest baby-

bottle feedHe also had another baby-

tiger petAnd here is a gorgeous picture of his two baby cats romping about-

rearing tigersHe also had other pets-

tailThe baby cat was exceptionally brave for battling his vicious attack dog-

tiger and dog playIn this next one, he asked his baby cat to smile for the camera-

tiger roarAnd here is an acrylic of mine in homage to these magnificent creatures. If memory serves, I used images from the WWF as reference. The Tiger Man was a kind and fascinating fellow. He gave his duplicate images to me after I told him I love creating tiger images.

my paintingAnd lastly, this is a Prisma pencil tiger. I gave the Tiger Man, a copy of my baby cat –

pencil tigerI hope these magnificent creatures make it. Poachers have done a number on tiger populations throughout the planet. Slaughtered, because some want what they cannot have. Let’s hope these spectacular baby cats survive.

I wish I remembered the Tiger Man’s real name. My memory often lets me down. Perhaps the big son and I will see him again this summer when we start up our jogging program.

Thank you and goodnight. May a gorgeous tiger sleep by your side and protect your dreams.

14 thoughts on “They Call Me, The Tiger Man

  1. I, too, hope the tiger population survives on the planet, AnnMarie. Your artwork pays such a tribute to this proud and beautiful species. Beautiful, and such positive energy!

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  2. What a wonderfully random experience! Once long ago a gentleman came to my yard sale with a St. Bernard in his car (he had removed the back seat so she had room). As I bent to give her a bowl of water she sat down on my foot. I didn’t move until she was ready — it was such fun! – Fawn


    • I love those quirky and unexpected blips. My son and I talked about the Tiger Man all day, that day. We couldn’t believe, right in our own little town, a man owned pet tigers – how cool.
      I’ve never had a St. Bernard sit on my foot though 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂
      I hope everyone is recuperating and feeling well.


  3. What a wonderful gentleman to have met! I love chance meetings like that. I am sure he was quite blessed by your gift to him. I hope you run across him again this summer!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing! ❤


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