Long, Long Ago

Dear Friends,
When I was little, I wore my brown hair in a cute pixie. Next, I sported a mussy shag that I adored at age ten. My chubby cheeks were in full view. As I grew into my insecure teens so grew my hair. I realized if it grew it long enough, I could hide behind it. My face would be concealed, as would my thoughts. When I found my roaring twenties, so roared my hair. If I wore it big and crazy enough, people would run. In my thirties, I grew tired of hiding, I secured my hair in a heavy ponytail – like a sword.

Hair Hiding

Hair Hiding

Heavy as my hair got, it made my heart feel lighter.

me and doOne bright day I realized, hey, this freakin’ hair is really heavy and it hurts my head. I was ready to lighten the load. What made it much easier was knowing my ‘Linus Blanket,’ went to help make others secure. It has been donated a few times, the last being October 2013.

hain in a bagI don’t hide anymore. I can’t. My kids make it quite impossible, as does the giant husband. They always seem to find me. I miss my old friend. So back it grows, but this time for the right reasons.

Thank you. May you all be happy in your skin, and if your skin has hair, may it be as long as you like. Dream well…

Here’s to Daphne, a dear friend taken by cancer, a long time ago. Daphne and I used to peruse wig catalogues when she was up to feeling pretty. And to my valiant Aunt Lenore, also claimed, but was ever-valiant for many years…
Little Miss Long Hair created with Prisma pencil August 21, 2014 with my hair tied back. Photo is of me and my beautiful, younger sister Dolores in 1980. Sorry if I grossed anyone out with the shot of, My Hair in a Bag, 2013

11 thoughts on “Long, Long Ago

    • I had a good friend, who lost her battle with cancer long ago. While she was still alive and up to wearing wigs, we would look through wig magazines to find fun styles for her to feel pretty. It makes me feel helpful to do this small thing…thank you.
      Have a terrific weekend.
      AnnMarie 🙂


  1. From what I’ve read about our upcoming winter, you will probably be grateful to have a little more hair on your head. LOL Seriously, though, I understand your desire and, as you say, doing it for the right reasons. Wishing you a fun weekend!


    • Is a bad winter on the way? I haven’t had the heart to look at the forecast, though we love snow – even Mojo, the Dachshund gets out there and romps. I do miss my super long hair – it was extremely warm 😉
      I’m cheating right now – taking a break from cleaning the house – company over this eve for Giants/Jets. Maybe I can get them to begin drinking as soon as they arrive so they don’t notice the dirt 😉
      Have a wonderful weekend too!


  2. After being long until I graduated high school, my hair has bounced between long and short. I, too, feel my spirits lift as my hair grows longer. There is something wonderful about the feeling of a pony tail bouncing along behind me. I sent mine to Locks of Love about 10 years ago; they sell the gray hair (as mine was then) and use the money to help make more wigs, A glorious occupation! – Fawn


  3. I kept mine in a bag too, although I cut it off because I had cancer…later I threw it out because I was angry that I wasn’t “that girl” anymore. 8 yrs cancer free and I now like who I am and if you have a good soul, hair is just like adding bling to finish off a designer dress:) love your artwork and the stories that accompany them:) following;) Kim


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