A Tall Order

Dear Friends,
The big son wants to be giant like his 6’7″ dad. At the big son’s physical, the doctor offered, “You’ll definitely reach six at least.” The big son was waiting for her to say, “and seven inches.” She didn’t. When we arrived back home the big son bemoaned, “I want to be as tall as dad, so I can talk to him – eye to eye.” I supportingly said, “Hey, you may get there. But for now, just use a ladder like everybody else does.”

I have two nephews – brothers – who are 14 months apart. They are amazing kids: bright, handsome, kind, athletic. I jokingly refer to my sister Virginia’s, three children as the platinum kids. They’re nearly perfect in every way. All three received huge scholarships. The 2 boys have since graduated and are finding much success. I’m quite sure their beautiful sister will do the same. The interesting thing is my eldest nephew is 5′ 10″, while his younger brother is 6′ 3″.

Years ago, my mom requested a portrait of her darling grandchildren. The images below are details from the 6′ x 8′ oil painting. I’ve not yet recovered from painting so many teeth.
This is platinum nephew, number one –

danielThis is platinum nephew, number two –

JoeyThis is the beautiful platinum niece –


Here are all the teeth I was talking about –

grandkidsThank you. May your dreams reach tall heights…
All images of my painting are iPhone pictures of photos, quality is poor, sorry…

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12 thoughts on “A Tall Order

  1. Wow, AnnMarie — amazing artwork — so good, and life-like! These kids are all so good-looking! Their teeth are brilliant (as one who had to endure braces, retainer, etc. I notice dental details). Bravo!


    • Thank you Debra,
      In truth, when my mom asked me to do this my first thought was – teeth, yikes! This painting is probably about eight years old now.
      My sister’s children have grown into amazing young adults.
      Sorry for your youth braces – if it makes you feel better, I never had braces but I had to wear a pink eyepatch for two years 🙂


  2. You are so very talented…and those are some good-looking kids! My son-in-law is also 6’7″, and my 8-year old granddaughter has been assured by her pediatrician that she will be a minimum of 6′ tall when she grows up (her mother is 5’3″). She is thrilled — she wants to be a tall girl! – Fawn


    • Absolutely!
      What we we do with out them all!
      My early posts were more centered around family and daily things. one of my sisters who is also an artist – said to me I should showcase my art more – and I began…finding a real groove 🙂
      Happy Sunday, my friend!!!


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