Of Giant Husbands and Little Trees

Dear Friends,
The giant husband is in the ‘green’ business. He knows quite a bit about plants, trees and Latin roots. Every year he works six days a week then for six glorious weeks, beginning Christmas Eve, the nursery closes. He gets a well-earned rest though Rocky the Shepherd, and Mojo the Dachshund usually fail to read the memo.

A few months ago I wrote a story about the giant husband. If you’d oblige, I’d like to share an edited version of it again. Because as the saying goes, “Behind every married woman who blogs, is a giant husband.” –

Back in 2000, after giving birth to the big son son I had some complications. For five days and nights after the big son came into the world, I was hooked up to tubes, monitors and I believe there were a few pots and pans (this is where I lost my dinner preparation zest). I liken the experience to an exotic vacation minus fresh air, warm sun, bright sea or anything else pleasant. Each night when the hospital room grew dark (despite bells, whistles, alarms and flashing lights) there was the giant husband, ‘sleeping’ at the foot of my hospital bed atop two small chairs smooshed together.

Though the giant husband makes things around him appear smaller, he makes anyone around him feel grand. My Christmas gift every year is having him home for the holidays.
BP finalThank you. May you dream of someone who makes you feel grand…
Giant Husband, Delicate Daughter, Tiny Tree rendered today while listening to, It’s a Wonderful Life

A note: The other day I had the amazing fortune of talking to a selfless father and fellow blogger, Simon Tocclo of Liberian Me. The reason I bring this up here is when there are complications during birth, mothers (in the poorer areas of Africa) don’t survive. So when you dream, please dream of hope for those in need around the world…thank you.


17 thoughts on “Of Giant Husbands and Little Trees

  1. What a “grand” gift you receive each year having your husband home for six weeks! This is a beautiful post, AnnMarie, a tribute, and I hope you share it with Keith, who looks and sounds like a really swell guy. The art is also outstanding — I like the b&w portraits with the colorful hats/gloves, tree and candy cane as relief/contrast.


    • You know, Deb – I don’t ever feel ‘married,’ I feel like I get to hang out with my best friend instead ’cause I’m way too arty to be married 20 years – marriage is so nerdy 😉
      Kidding aside, thank you. I started doing the pencil and thought let’s have more fun than just graphite. I may try a few more pieces this way down the road. So much experimenting to do, so little time.
      AM 🙂
      I watched the Bishop’s Wife the other day, did you get a chance to see it yet – I know you said it was on order –
      And again, kudos on the piggy art 🙂 and I hope Sophia is bringing joy all around the critter compound 🙂


      • I feel the same way re: marriage, AM. For us, it’s been 26 years, wow! I like graphite, like the experimentation. We received Bishop’s Wife yesterday but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Our oldest dog, Millie (14-plus black lab) got sick Monday night; then, yesterday, we think maybe she had a stroke. We’re not sure where she’s at yet, but hoping we don’t have to make what I call “that hard decision.” Have a productive day, 🙂


      • It’s easy to see/hear/read your marriage is wondrous and fun 🙂
        I even love the opening of The Bishop’s Wife – the angel-esque music gets you right into the mood. It’s a terrific, sappy and endearing cinematic holiday treasure.
        So very sorry about Millie. Maybe all will turn out all right.
        AM 🙂
        Subbing elementary today – I think I’ll wrap myself in plastic to avoid the flying boogie

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  2. I actually had a coworker point out that if we continue to improve the lives and successful birthrates of underdeveloped countries that we’re going to have a world food crisis. That was very “white” of him! There but for the grace of God was he born in affluent America.

    Sounds like you’ve got a keeper of a hubby. 🙂


    • Good morning, Bob –
      America has a wonderful way of keeping those who want to live in bubbles quite comfortable – here in the US of A you can build quite a breathtaking bubble if one so chooses.
      After 20 years of togetherness – Keith and I still enjoy – that’s more due to him than to me – I’m nutz 😉
      AnnMarie 🙂


      • That’s why I tend to be so opened minded about a variety of unusual marriages whether they be sexually mixed, racially mixed or there’s a large disparity in ages. Life’s so short and I feel if you find anyone you love that loves you go for it. I’ve been married 3 times yet I’ve been alone now for nearly 20 years. My choice! 🙂


      • I was crazy until I settled down and that didn’t happen until I was 30. I think getting married later for me was what worked for my banana brain 🙂
        And you know, Bob – sometimes alone and independent can be the best partner too 🙂
        AM 🙂
        Thank you for sharing 🙂


  3. Such a touching post AnnMarie. Your love for each other shines so brightly. It’s a pleasure to share in it. Happy holidays to you and your family.


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