Earth’s Angel

Dear Friends,
As glorious as this time of year can be for some, for others it can be quite sad and horrific. Dreaming of peace on earth is juvenile. Hoping that mankind can protect every child is naive. But asking each one of us to help someone in need – adult or child – in some small way is possible.

Earth AngelThank you. Dream like a child this night…
And never stop believing in dreams or hope…

Earth’s Angel created this afternoon.
Earth logo for blog

10 thoughts on “Earth’s Angel

  1. Ah, AM, these are indeed sad and horrific times (the news bears this out daily), but as you say, help one and you help many. That’s all we can do, really. Once we stop dreaming and hoping, and helping, all is lost. But … “sometimes angels rush in where fools fear to tread.” Fortunately, there are many angels among us. That’s the good news! Your illustration is lovely, btw, the quote as well. 🙂 [I loved the movie! Lots of great lines, among them: “The main trouble is there are too many people who don’t know where they’re going and they want to get there too fast.” I agree.


    • I was looking at my little angel made out of a cone (another post coming soon) and I saw her on earth. The daily news is tough, tempered with ‘politic’ fluff, and once you weed through what ‘their’ opinions/stories are – the fact at the end of the day, everyday, is the atrocities across the planet – heartbreaking. But, I tell you Deb – one of the absolute treasures I love about this blogging stuff is meeting people like you – wonderful restorers of humanity…there are many good folk keeping the balance – most of the time quietly, but they are there… 🙂
      AM 🙂
      My favorite part is the boys’ chorus – gotta love Dudley getting all those basketball kids to rehearsal on time 🙂 And how about her ‘must have’ hat – could you ever imagine wearing fruit and flowers on your head 😉 and looking sexy 😉


      • It’s funny that you should mention the blogosphere as a source of restoring one’s faith in humanity — I feel that way, too, and was just thinking that same thing the other day. The headlines scream calamity, yet so many blogging folks are bringing messages of peace and goodwill to one another, “keeping the balance,” as you say. I’m glad we met, too! And about that hat, the only way I’d wear fruit and flowers on my head is AFTER I’ve tossed back a few glasses of merlot (and it wouldn’t be pretty)! LOL


      • Let’s remind each other that nice people are everywhere all the time… 🙂 Carmen Miranda got away with a hat with bananas on it – I think I’d go as far as grapes on my head (it’s an Italian thing 😉 )
        I hope Sophia is doing well.
        I had an insane (almost comical) day – crazy subbing, came home to art lesson people waiting in driveway, Rocky had diaherra in my studio and my next art lesson came early…it was maddening and funny at the same time…


  2. Sophia is great, AnnMarie. Sorry to hear about Rocky (we’ve had similar issues the past 2 weeks!). White rice and bland, boiled chicken or hamburger works for our dogs. The other thing, if Rocky isn’t too old or feeble, is to withhold food for 24 hours, but that’s hard to do with them glaring at you. Hope tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this) is better, 🙂 Grapes, eh?


    • Hey, Ms. Deb,
      I’m so glad Sophia is doing well – yippy! She may wake up singing jingle bells soon 🙂 Rocky is in great shape at six and rarely has issues. I hope he feels better tomorrow. He seems okay now. WIth all the windows shut, my goodness, it stunk in here. And it was so nice of him to cover my studio floor 😉 I didn’t let him eat my burrito but I did give him the plain rice. He does glare if not fed. Well, I think it’s off to dreamland for me. Long day today…and I’d like to begin dreaming of a fruit hat I’d wear 😉
      Dream well
      AM 🙂


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