Big I’s

My Friends,

Big I’s
I wish I had miles of long hair to toss out a tower window.
I wish I knew my children when I was a kid.
I wish I kept the little black motorcycle I never stayed upright on.
I wish I had a spotted cow in my backyard.
I wish I could wear a silver ball gown and waltz.
I wish stars were close enough to taste.
I wish I felt this young when I was.
I wish beds were made of clouds.
I wish I could share all my thoughts.
I wish I could wear night as a pair of mismatched socks.
I wish the sun set on my shoulder.
I wish words were made of water.
I wish dreams fit inside my secret decoder ring.
I wish I had a secret decoder ring.

Big Eyes And yes, my post title was inspired by the movie, Big Eyes which sadly I haven’t ‘scene’ yet, but hope to soon! In homage to Margaret Keane and her lovely Big Eyed Waifs, I’ve done a quick sketch of a modern Big Eyes. There is only one Margaret Keane. I am an imitator here, though I really did own a pair of earrings like the one(s) shown. Back in the 1990’s, a coworker quipped, “…waiting for the dog that’s gonna jump through those things!”
Big Tri - Eye

Thank you. May you dream wishes into your coffee…

Face Feature Mix done for studio class way back in, hum, I think 1983. Big Eyes Homage done quickly while wishing…

22 thoughts on “Big I’s

  1. 1. This is a prose poem, complete (and should be published).
    2. Love the artwork, both old and new.
    3. Want to see the movie, too.
    4. I wish I could wish this good! 🙂


    • Morning, Fawn.
      Every New Year’s I fantasize about attending a ball wearing a beautiful gown of silver. Of course, my hair and makeup are professionally done and Harry Connick Jr. is playing a shining white grand piano.
      Thank you.
      AM 🙂


  2. Big eye drawings by Margaret Keane and others got me started in art over 50 years ago. They bring back warm, fuzzy feelings! 🙂


    • You know I can think back and vaguely recall seeing big eyed faces in homes, but I never really looked at Keane’s work. I recently perused Keane’s art and it’s lush and lovely. I can see why you would have been inspired. Those eyes are soulful. You capture these souls in your photographs. I think in your images, Bob, the eyes actually appear bigger too 🙂
      Have a lovely Oregon weekend!
      AnnMarie 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I had to stop and think hard what day of the week it is when you wished me a happy weekend. Retirement will do that to you as all days are alike. It’s off to meet with the gals again this morning. We get together at McDonald’s on Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturday.


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