Out Green Man, Out!

My Friends,
I woke up this morning and a Green Man was in my head. I think he hails from a distant house in a far off neighborhood. He wears a crown of flattened, blue celery to frighten would be produce buyers. A ring of cheap gold – his pet – accompanies him whenever he strolls down the street seeking out those who dare to don a better crown than he…

Sometimes you just have to let the Green Man out.
Green ManThank you. May you dream of men in the vegetables of your choice.
Green Man created yesterday, I’m still trying to figure out why he was in my head and so is the giant husband 😉

16 thoughts on “Out Green Man, Out!

  1. This is by far the best use I have seen for celery, especially BLUE celery! Delightful! (I have been creating birthday cards in between everything else this past two days, I accidentally opened my etsy shop about 8 weeks ago, and only have one set of cards in it.) – Fawn


  2. Well, Green Man is certainly one formidable-looking dude, AM! And he’s so colorful, I almost think he’s kind of glamorous, 🙂 Who knows why you had him in your head, but let’s just be thankful that you did — for art’s sake, yes, but also because we definitely need more green men with celery crowns running around than we do some of those real men with their so-called “real crowns” of glory. (I guess I mean politicians and other leaders, and over-paid athletes, etc.). 🙂 What could you do with Orange (Carrot) Man? LOL


    • Morning, Deb.
      I initially was going to make him much more alien looking and he ended up more ‘humanesque.” Now carrots would be fascinating. You could really go wild when you begin picturing all the very strange vegetables out there 🙂
      Maybe D.C. should be ensconced in celery – is that the problem 😉 they don’t wear enough veggies 😉
      AM 🙂
      Have an astounding and liberated day!!!


      • Good morning, Miss AM! Okay, I’m gonna admit, I was sipping my coffee, listening to the humdifier gurgle (really, a most pleasant, soothing sound), when I sort of … well, okay, all honesty — feel asleep on the couch! 🙂 Yikes, and now it’s after 9 a.m. Got emails and will answer once I get to cafe with mastodon. 🙂 In the meantime, “humanesque” and “alien” sometimes ain’t that different, eh? LOL Back at’cha later, ‘gator! 🙂


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