When’s the Last Time You Talked to a Tree?

My Friends,
Give yourself the freedom to imagine. Open your mind and hear the gracious wisdom of a tree. Spend a precious moment. History is gently preserved within its wooden clock rings. Deep-etched lines of warm bark, give rise to fantastical images.
Tree FaceRooted in a tree’s very heart are magnificent stories there for the listening. Magic is all around. So I must ask my friends, “When is the last time you talked to a tree?”
Sleeping RootThank you. May you dream of having a tree party with friends.

Tree faces created yesterday while listening to the giant husband and big son’s football ruckus 🙂 Tree Root photo taken this past summer at a Newport, Rhode Island mansion. I thought the root looked like a slumbering child.

16 thoughts on “When’s the Last Time You Talked to a Tree?

  1. Ooooh love the drawing and photo. The root does look like a person! I remember as a child in Flint, Michigan standing in the wood behind our house. There was a farmer’s field the other side of the wood. I stood there, watching the trees sway wildly in the winds high above. The gray clouds passing swiftly high above the trees. It was mysterious, a bit scary for a little boy. That scene has lodged itself in my head since 1966. The human mind is a mysterious thing…


    • Thanks very much, John.
      You’ll be proud of me, while writing this post I was slugging back a diet coke zero (but sans caffeine – I know, I know) thanks to ShopRite’s CanCan sale (darn now that song is in my head)
      Tree silhouettes can be awesome and spectacularly eerie too. What gripping forms they make against the sky especially in the winter.
      Given your vivid description, I can picture you back then (Coke can in coverall front pocket ;-)). Perhaps that ‘dark windswept’ image wants kid John to delve into the mysteries that are still out there…ooo


  2. Interestingly, this afternoon (Monday) a City contractor came to our house to tell us his tree-trimming company will soon be trimming back our backyard tree to keep the power lines clear. I know that’s important, but I have to say that action makes me a little despondent — I hate to hear trees, especially the big, old friendly maples, like ours, succumbing to a chainsaw, even if only a few branches. This summer, I went out to the tree and just stood in the shade of its branches, next to its grizzled trunk; it was wonderful. I agree: Trees have stories to tell.
    Great art, Miss AM! And I wish I’d seen that tree trunk at Newport — missed it, darn! (I was there many years ago, though). “Football ruckus” certainly agrees with your creative process [Go Colts! Go Pack! — Sorry, I had to work that in here somehow, :)]


    • Mornin’ Deb –
      1 cup o’joe down. Hopefully, the tree trimmers trim with kindness in their hearts 🙂
      Up the road from my childhood home was a great little park and in the part stood a great big massive oak. It was tilted and it was special. Not just to us kids, but to George Washington and Lafayette – they’d met their under that great old tree. Us kids really never knew the reason, only that they’d met there (I smell a post) – perhaps they discussed their blogs 😉
      I wish I’d snapped more tree roots. Newport’s mansions have some exquisite old trees.
      AM 🙂
      Terrific Tuesday to you!
      Mojo feeling much better.
      Here’s to a big booming football filled weekend and more ruckus 😉
      Hope all critters in the Levy household are feeling spry today 🙂


      • I’m waiting for my cup o’joe still! So I’m doing blogging stuff, still waiting on Bobo (hope his dentist hasn’t found a cavity! thought he’d be home by now). Your tree — your historic tree — sounds wonderful, and yes, I do smell a post as well! 🙂 I wish I’d paid more attention to the trees in Newport, rather than ogling the old mansions like I did. I really love trees, which is what sold me on the cabin — it’s surrounded by them. So glad to hear Mojo’s feeling better! Millie is tired, but smelling ever so much better (thank heavens). And yes, the “thing” about your football teams winning and moving on is that you have another weekend of “football ruckus” to contend with — which for you means sharpen the pencils and pull out the inks!


      • Hope B was cavity free!
        I forgot to mention the beautiful old tree was nailed by lightening one too many times and eventually followed George Washington to Ever after.
        When in Newport it is most difficult looking at tree roots when surrounded by the tapestries of Marble House or by the sheer ostentatious magnificence of the Breakers 🙂 I happened to spot that root child by chance. I was probably looking at my ugly toes in open shoes 🙂
        Smelling like flowers can certainly elevate the spirit!
        This evening Mojo seemed a little punky again, but he was active during the day so I’m hoping it’s part of the recupe. Vet said he most likely has a urinary tract infection.
        Yes, more foozball. I’ll be happy to watch as long as the uniforms aren’t fugly 😉
        AM 🙂


      • Oh, I hope Mojo feels better by a.m. I think dogs are like kids — you know, they feel better in the day, but then as night falls they feel a little worse. And I’m laughing about how you spotted the “root child” (love that description!). As for this weekend’s football: it’ll be various shades of blues against each other on the east coast, and various shades of green on the west coast. 🙂 B had to have a minor crown-problem fixed (no cost, dentist admitted he should have fixed it better). I would LIKE to get on my desktop computer (I’m on my iPad) and email, but B is watching OSU vs. OU highlights! When he retires he’s getting his own computer! 🙂 I guess I’ll work on iPad tonight. 🙂


      • I think Mojo will be better in am too 🙂 thanks.
        The sad thing is, the roots were a heck of a lot prettier than my feet!
        It’s nice the dentist fixed the problem gratis – that’s one upstanding and credible professional. Nice to hear.
        Foozball colors will be flying on all ends. Keith and Max follow sports highlights in the morn with ESPN. We have a computer shortage in our casa to. 4 people, 2 computers (1 is mommie’s laptop) and the kiddies have their iPads. We’re supposed to break our backs, oops I meant breakdown and purchase a laptop for our darling daughter soooonnn. No one else including animals will be permitted to get sick!
        AM 🙂


  3. As I was reading this, Clint Eastwood’s voice singing “I talk to the trees” from Paint Your Wagon was flitting through my brain. Ah, what a beautiful man! I’m strange enough that I DO talk to trees…they don’t answer often, but when they do it is significant. The photo is interesting, but I prefer your painting. – Fawn


    • Clint Eastwood, a handsomely beautiful icon for so many reasons 🙂 The trees answer in the love you share with your family 🙂 After I created that little tree art (I work on 9″x12″) paper or I’d never finish blog art – my son came in and son, “Mom that’s a scary tree.” And I said, “There’s no such thing as a scary tree, she’s just mysteriously quiet.” 😉 – AM 🙂 Have a terrific Tuesday!


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