Let’s Live with Open Eyes and Open Land

My Friends,
“…No human being can live without healthy land, clean water, and the diversity of life that thrives on this planet.  Taking care of what takes care of us makes practical sense, and maybe more than that for me, morally and spiritually, it’s just the right thing to do.” – Virginia Kennedy
Open Land

I greatly admire ‘open land’ champion and advocate, Virginia Kennedy. In NY, as Otsego Land Trust’s Executive Director, Ms. Kennedy has dedicated herself to saving our rapidly disappearing green vistas. “Otsego Land Trust has been named to the Land Trust Alliance National Land Trust Excellence Program, one of 70 land trusts from over 1900 organizations nationwide to be selected…Executive Director, Virginia Kennedy, has also been invited to join the Leadership Program...”

Besides serving as a passionate environmental steward, Ms. Kennedy and her husband Kevin have raised three children who’ve blossomed into magnificent adults. Daniel, Joseph and Marygrace are my wonderful nephews and niece. And yes, Ms. Kennedy is my brilliant sister. Though Virginia is only one year older, she’s about one hundred years wiser. She’s a role model to emulate in every way (except maybe her singing voice 😉 ).

The environment weighs on the scales of humanity. It’s up to us to keep it balanced.

Daniel detail

Daniel detail

Joey detail

Joey detail

Marygrace detail

Marygrace detail

Thank you. May you dream all the world is healthy as are its children.

Planet Balance created yesterday. Platinum children: Dan, Joey, Marygrace painted several years ago upon my mother’s request (I’ll never forget painting 10 sets of teeth for Nana).



12 thoughts on “Let’s Live with Open Eyes and Open Land

  1. … darn technology! Somehow I hit the “post comment” button! Sorry! Anyhoo, a beautiful tribute to your sister, AM (as I was saying), and what a wonderful thing she is doing for our planet. Knowing that people like Virginia are “out there” in the trenches doing great things is not only inspiring, and inspiriting, but it just makes me feel so much better personally. Please let her know that she has many fans, me among them, who are cheering her on. And what beautiful children (as exhibited by your so-amazing portraits) — no wonder Virginia wants to help save the planet, for them, for your kids, for her super family, and for all of us. As she says, “It’s just the right thing to do.”


    • Virginia out there, makes me feel better too. She also lives her life as she does her job, with the environment always in mind.
      And those Kennedy kids are pretty terrific. Both Dan and Joe have graduated. Dan is working toward becoming a brilliant writer and Joey works in the environmental field. Marygrace in in the junior year in college.
      Thanks, Deb 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂
      Taking Mojo to vet today. He hasn’t quite bounced back…


      • You have such a talented family, AM. How does that happen? Your parents must have instilled that in you kids, and you passed it along to the next generation. My family all wanted to be financial tycoons (I’m the outlier, and poor). 😉 I do hope the vet can get poor little Mojo to feeling better. I’ll be thinking of him today. Best wishes, D.


  2. Oh, I love the previous conversations! “But can she tap dance?” should be a question we ask of all our politicians. I’m sorry Mojo is still not feeling well, but glad you shared your very accomplished big sister with us. She is doing the Lord’s work with our planet. Hugs to you today. – Fawn


    • lol – let’s put tap dancing on the ballots!
      Mojo is a bit better, thank you Fawn. Doggie drugs!
      I have more accomplished sibs soon to be featured 🙂
      They’re all pretty amazing and I still like them too! 😉
      Virginia is trying and works very hard.
      Thank you.
      AM 🙂


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