My Sister Grace

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 8.32.08 AMI have five extraordinary siblings out there in the world. For the last several years, my sister Grace has been photographing and collecting the journeys and the stories of other artists in the fine art world through her Pandora’s BoxX Project.

“The portraits of Pandora’s BoxX Project are visual documents representing womxn’s presence and impact throughout the arc of social and cultural change within the past six decades.” — Grace Roselli

Grace was recently interviewed by Karline Moeller of Art Frankly to share her own creative journey’s past, present and future. (Interview link here)
Interviewer, Karline Moeller, is the co-founder of Art Frankly: a platform for the international art world.

Grace’s artwork can be found in private collections in the US and Europe. Beyond her artistic talent, is an exceptionally dedicated and driven woman whose passion and commitment to the fine art world are nothing short of admirable.

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missing my sis

This is a photo of my lovely sister, Dolores. If it weren’t for her beautiful blue eyes watching over me growing up, I would’ve gotten into loads more trouble. I was quite the wiseass all the way into my 20’s. We had a lot of laughs together. I miss her dearly and wished she lived closer. 😘

Those Were the Days, My Friend

you and I once sang
all the time
your knees were knobby, mine round
we sang out
those were the days, my friend
we loved that song
singing for nana and papa
our little voices were bigger back then
before time pushed notes down our throats
and set us to rhythms
for a while
we fought the changes
when our little voices were bold
and we sang
those were the days, my friend
I think about you often
hoping you remember
those unabashed girls
whose little voices
rang out
those were the days, my friend

Me and Do littleMay you dream of your sisters and hold them tight…
Photo of me and my sis way back when we never changed our shirts or cared 🙂 and below, my tea for 2 lady created with Prisma a few months back.
And a big thank you to my friend, Deb Levy who provided me with – Deb for Dummies – step-by-step instructions on how to embed a video – this is my very first and I couldn’t wait ’til Monday!

Tea Cap

Tea Cap

Peace to the families and friends of the Germanwings jet tragedy

Let’s Live with Open Eyes and Open Land

My Friends,
“…No human being can live without healthy land, clean water, and the diversity of life that thrives on this planet.  Taking care of what takes care of us makes practical sense, and maybe more than that for me, morally and spiritually, it’s just the right thing to do.” – Virginia Kennedy
Open Land

I greatly admire ‘open land’ champion and advocate, Virginia Kennedy. In NY, as Otsego Land Trust’s Executive Director, Ms. Kennedy has dedicated herself to saving our rapidly disappearing green vistas. “Otsego Land Trust has been named to the Land Trust Alliance National Land Trust Excellence Program, one of 70 land trusts from over 1900 organizations nationwide to be selected…Executive Director, Virginia Kennedy, has also been invited to join the Leadership Program...”

Besides serving as a passionate environmental steward, Ms. Kennedy and her husband Kevin have raised three children who’ve blossomed into magnificent adults. Daniel, Joseph and Marygrace are my wonderful nephews and niece. And yes, Ms. Kennedy is my brilliant sister. Though Virginia is only one year older, she’s about one hundred years wiser. She’s a role model to emulate in every way (except maybe her singing voice 😉 ).

The environment weighs on the scales of humanity. It’s up to us to keep it balanced.

Daniel detail

Daniel detail

Joey detail

Joey detail

Marygrace detail

Marygrace detail

Thank you. May you dream all the world is healthy as are its children.

Planet Balance created yesterday. Platinum children: Dan, Joey, Marygrace painted several years ago upon my mother’s request (I’ll never forget painting 10 sets of teeth for Nana).


The Big Heart of A Little Sister

Dear Friends,
I’m the proud owner of a little sister. Those of you that own little sisters know full well that as much as we age, our little sisters remain little in our hearts forever. They often keep us young. Mine keeps me laughing. She has a wry, wicked sense of humor. Whenever she tells a joke – which is often – her blue eyes sparkle and she wears the impish grin of her pig-tail days.
Me and Do little

My little sister is an avid dog-lover. She keeps two dogs as friends. I used one of her pet portraits as inspiration for my artwork below. The eccentric pooch – Shamus – was adopted many years ago. Shamus has many issues and enjoys dressing in my sister’s lingerie. The other one, Jamie – adopted a year ago – is black as night and as crazy as a bat in daylight. Jamie is a ninety pound pooch who believes his work office is on the nearest person’s lap.
Jamie and Shamus

So, to you my dear, little sister Dolores – I wish you the happiest of Birthday’s today!
Me & Do weddingLove, AnnMarie xo