Those Were the Days, My Friend

you and I once sang
all the time
your knees were knobby, mine round
we sang out
those were the days, my friend
we loved that song
singing for nana and papa
our little voices were bigger back then
before time pushed notes down our throats
and set us to rhythms
for a while
we fought the changes
when our little voices were bold
and we sang
those were the days, my friend
I think about you often
hoping you remember
those unabashed girls
whose little voices
rang out
those were the days, my friend

Me and Do littleMay you dream of your sisters and hold them tight…
Photo of me and my sis way back when we never changed our shirts or cared 🙂 and below, my tea for 2 lady created with Prisma a few months back.
And a big thank you to my friend, Deb Levy who provided me with – Deb for Dummies – step-by-step instructions on how to embed a video – this is my very first and I couldn’t wait ’til Monday!

Tea Cap

Tea Cap

Peace to the families and friends of the Germanwings jet tragedy

17 thoughts on “Those Were the Days, My Friend

  1. Oh, AM, this is lovely, it really is. Reading your poem about you and your sister made me ache (in a good way) for the sister/s I never had — how I envy you. And Mary Hopkin — loved that song, sang it often, and what ever happened to Hopkin, I wonder? (Btw: video works great!)

    A tender tribute to sisters — I hope yours will read and be touched. And I love that photo of you and your sis — you two look like some of the neighborhood kids I used to play with and have dirt-clod fights with! LOL Beautiful, whimsical art, too (love it!). Finally, you follow “directions” like a pro! 🙂 A great read for melding into the weekend; thank you, thank you! Tell your sis’s to read!


    • lol
      This was supposed to be my Monday post, but I couldn’t wait! I was so very excited – all thanks to you – I was finally able to add a video link – yippy YAHOOTUBE – hey, I like that YAHOOTUBE 😉
      Thanks Deb too, for the kind words. I can’t believe, I’d completely forgotten such a big part of my younghood (hey, I like that too) until I heard good old Mary singing out of my car radio this morn.
      Have a wondrous weekend.
      AM 🙂
      This is my fav photo of Dolores and me – I’ve used it before on posts and probably will again 🙂


    • Truth be told, John – I was in my car this morn innocently driving along when this song came on the ’60’s station. Funny thing is I’m more of a ’70’s-’80’s kinda gal. It made me really tear up. I was instantly transported back – younger sis and me singing this song for nana and papa. We sang it for them all the time and we were always so very proud of ourselves. 🙂
      Have a wonderful weekend.

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      • You have a wide taste in music as I do. My taste includes the sixties to the nineties, as well as the music of Jean Luc Ponty, his fusion jazz and some forms of jazz music.

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  2. I have loved that song since the first time I heard it…and the picture of you and Dolores is adorable! I can’t imagine life without my precious sister. I remember teaching her to sing Bing Crosby’s rendition of “Don’t Fence Me In” for Daddy; he thought we were SO very talented (of course, he has always been our greatest fan). Congratulations embedding the video. I did it once, but don’t remember how! Happy Friday – Fawn


    • When I heard the song on the radio this morning, I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten. I hadn’t thought about this particular special memory in a long while…
      We too, believed ourselves talented 🙂 – great minds think alike 😉
      Happy weekend…


  3. Oh my goodness, Mary Hopkins. I still know the words to that song by heart. I used to sing along with it on the radio as I drove. Do you remember car radios? Why weren’t they banned for being a distraction? Even the push button ones were dangerous. You could break a nail! LMAO


    • I can’t believe I’d forgotten this song for such a long time – geez. I can hear your voice across the states. I miss the old push button, easy peezy car radios. Those were only a distraction if you were singing too loudly 😉
      We have an Explorer with a shmancy screen and it’s a bit of a pain to push flat buttons. I miss the old loud cars with plaid interiors like my little 2-door Maverick or my big old Thunderbird with the vinyl butterscotch top 🙂
      Have a great weekend, SIr 🙂


  4. Great song and doesn’t it just sum up the time you described so well. For me it was not my sister but my brother. I did have older sisters but my brother and I were inseparable. Thanks for the memory.


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