when two human beings
cherish each other enough
to link as one,
the only orientation
that should matter
is that of their hearts


frog and friend (detail) painted years ago

And to all you terrific moms out there, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

18 thoughts on “orientation

    • I’m not very political, nor am I apathetic – what I do become is saddened with the amount of ‘force’ and investment trying to keep people that love each other, legally apart – live and let live. There are so very many other things in this world we need to worry about – like homeless children…
      Thank you very much.
      You have a lovely weekend.

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  1. You are most welcome AnnMarie. Thank you for having the strength to put it in words and the willingness to share with so many. Your uncle would be proud of a niece that is so kind with her words as he would know they are written from the heart. May he rest in peace!

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    • Thank you, Alan. I’m supposed to be eating breakfast in bed right now, as is every Mother’s privilege on this auspicious day, but all are still sleeping…what the heck 😉
      On a serious note: Thank you, for your kindness. Uncle Robert was a wonderful man and I’m going to do a post soon.
      Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend.

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