my treasure

I didn’t know your history
your smile never let on
I didn’t know your struggles
you lifted us without complaint
I didn’t know you cried yourself to sleep
you kissed us so gently
I didn’t know you grew up shunned
your embrace included all who entered
I didn’t know your ninth Christmas
you wished only for peace
I didn’t know your childhood
you gave your own children love without conditions

I was a teen, when you told me
how your father drank
all the fights, the smashing glass, the screaming
you were kicked out and had to move nine times
your childhood was a dark story
one you never used to fan futile flames
you welcomed life
donned a brave face
put yourself through college
and never looked back

you are my role model
you are my treasure
you are my dearest friend
Happy Mother’s Day
millie b:wabove my mom at 18, below (and I never lie) my mom at 78
millie at 79

Teeth and grandkids/acrylic

5’x6′ painting done at my mom’s request about eight years ago – all her grandkiddies and all their teeth!


26 thoughts on “my treasure

  1. Your mom has such a wonderful smile. Such a cute grand-child with the pigtails on the right. Beautiful, poetic acknowledgement of your mother’s life and strength for Mother’s Day. 🙂


  2. This is wonderful. Says so much about motherhood, how it is not until we are older that we wonder about the life they lived, and appreciate all they have done for us.


  3. Your mother is a beautiful woman, AnnMarie, and you have written a beautiful tribute to her. You’re lucky to have her as a mother, and she’s equally lucky to have you as a daughter. 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to Millie — and Happy Mother’s Day to you!


  4. A family with a long line of Super Hero’s. What a wonderful and truly honorable read about your Super Hero, young lady! And a Happy Mother’s day to both of you!


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