Soul decanter
fluid fingering
velvet rhythms
to another smokey bar
for us
cool blue nectar
will continue to flow
that is
the eternal gift
a passionate soul leaves behind


guitar guy picked with pencil months back while listening to Sinatra and Ella

22 thoughts on “Bluesman

  1. Fun fun fun! Love the graphic, love the words and the shortness of the lines creates the rhythms! Have you read (aloud) Jazz Fantasia by Robert Frost? Many many moons ago, I taught that poem in a 10th grade English class — divided the class up and had different groups read different sections of it aloud, as I “conducted” it. This poem and drawing reminded me of that! Google the poem and read it aloud, sounding like the sounds…I guarantee it’ll make you smile and you’ll see why you reminded me of it! 🙂
    PS: THANKS for reblogging Blue Rock — I’ve gone to her site and she is amazing! Gave her some Likes and words…and am definitely following her! Would love to visit her studio!! 🙂

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    • Lillian –
      What an exceptional teacher you must have been. I’ve never read his piece aloud, but now I must. You know, when I was a kid I used to make pretend I conducted orchestras.
      You’re welcome re: bluerock. Deb is quite an accomplished and talented artist. Her studio looks wonderful too.

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  2. Ah, a lovely tribute to B.B. King as well as to all those creators, those “passionate soul(s)” who leave behind “eternal gift(s)” for the rest of us to treasure. Love the art, Miss (I would love to have that guitar), love the words. I’m snapping my fingers, if you can’t tell….


    • I often fantasize I’m hanging out with Hemingway in some dark corner of an out-of-the-way smokey pub – we’re both wearing black turtlenecks, smoking and slinging back expensive bourbon.
      It’s one of my favorite dreams 🙂


  3. What a nice idea of putting 1-5 words in each sentence. It’s a cool new thing! (And I love the way you put forth the words, Dear Miss AnnMarie!)
    The Guitar guy sitting on your infamous Earth logo makes a cool, creative,rocking combo!


    • Hi Sir Robin.
      I never know what the heck I’m doin’ I’m just goin’ with the flow…and whatever flows I type.
      I’m going to have to get that logo on every post again.
      Thanks for your kind words, Sir.
      have a fab, but well-behaved 😉 weekend

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  4. The guitar is one of my favorite instruments and is a lot easier to pack than a piano. Perfect timing with the passing of Mr. King. So sad!. Very nice poem AnnMarie! And the guitar picture is awesome!


    • Hi Alan.
      The guitar is really cool. I have 2 and a banjo. These 3 pretty string instruments lean by my piano. The piano I can play, The strings I cannot. And if I’m ever to fulfill my dream of being like Bobbie Gentry – I need to one day brave up and get plunking!
      Do you play guitar?
      And yes, very sad to lose musical legends.
      I was told (I haven’t looked it up so I don’t know if it’s factual) that BB King fathered 15 children – perhaps, one or two of them have a musical muse.

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      • The guitar I can play (poorly). I used to collect them when I was younger but they were all sold to pay for the first house. I’m not even skilled at playing Chopsticks on the piano but it is an instrument that I love to listen to.
        When the Ode to Billie Joe came out, I was just a kid, and I had such a crush on that song. It was such a beautiful, but sad, lulling ballad, almost haunting in its own way.
        Google says 15 children and 50 grandchildren in 2004 for Mr. King.


      • A summer goal for us both – you to improve and me to start…we’ll become guitar masters 😉
        Sorry you had to sell your guitars, but they went to an excellent cause. I’ve only ever collected plastic horses – much cheaper and when you play them – they always sound beautiful. 😉
        I adore Bobbie Gentry’s voice, more songstresses need to go gravelly.
        I should have thought to Google – so my source was correct. Wow, 15. I’d venture at least one has to strum a guitar.


      • Bobbie Gentry was one of the first female artists to write and perform her own works.
        Could you imagine the size of shoes one would have to wear to follow in B.B. Kings footsteps?


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