I’d Be that Tramp

through entertainment’s prism of 1960
one raging wish have I
to live a single glorious night
swaddled in Rat Pack company
blinded by devilish eyes and wily smiles

as black fedoras set like ascending jet planes
from center stage
swagger and melodies floating effortlessly
I’d inhale those gents’ intoxicating charisma
letting each velvet voice weave through my silk threads

beyond my mind
yes, this lady would be that tramp
not dishing the dirt
but tucking this beguiling dream
where she buries her most romantic schemes and sweetest treasures

and if it wouldn’t be asking too much of the fickle fantasy gods
this lady also pines for Mario Lanza
circa 1950
thank you
that will be all…;)
fedora10 minute sketch composed several hours ago, I’m a bit lazy today – ’cause this sketch needs more than 10 minutes…oh well, it is fantasy

38 thoughts on “I’d Be that Tramp

  1. Love the fantasy — this “wish” sort of reminds me of that Christmas list you had as a kid, 🙂 — and yes, yours is so much more sexy and fun than mine, go figure (insects are NOT fun). I really like the whole poem, but the line that goes on my “Jealous of AM’s LInes/Sentences” List is: “as black fedoras set like ascending jet planes” — that is astounding, Miss. And love the art. I have to ask: Did you kiss the fedora? Because it looks like lip prints! And you’re gettin’ kind of PG-13 with that naked lady under the crimson wash!

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    • I’m getting dirty-minded in my old age 😉
      And it’s so much fun, why I didn’t think of dirty-mindedness sooner!
      I was playing Sinatra today and looking at the cd case – man that guy could wear a hat – and I thought of jets taking off on that diagonal line…
      I’m not crazy about the sketch – done way too fast and what’s worse – I didn’t feel like fixin’ it…
      But, thank you, dearest Deb for your lift off (plane thing) words 🙂

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      • Hey, old lady (I can almost say that since tomorrow’s your BD, :)) — you didn’t answer my question. Did you or did you not “kiss” the drawing, near the fedora brim? The reason I’m askin’ is because I think you’re trying out a new “art technique” — not a Pollock-like dribble, but rather a Roselli-Kissack-lick lip-print. 🙂 It works! Ah, what modern artists will do these days to push the envelope. 😉


  2. OM Garsh! We were just talking about those fellas tonight on the way home from dinner. It started with a conversation about Tony Bennett. The Mrs. took her Grandmother to see him when he was in Toronto. She was in her 80’s at the time. Apparently, she literally sat on the edge of her seat during the entire concert! She was so excited!


    • I love all the music from these gentlemen. I’m also a sucker for 40’s swing bands. I just treated myself to Bennett’s duets. The 2nd volume is my favorite. His voice still has power – amazing. How wonderful to be 80 and thrilled by crooning!
      Happy Monday, Alan. And, I hope you and your family enjoyed the meal 🙂


  3. I noticed your stats have over 1200 people following you. O’m certainly a big fan. I never could figure out how these things happen. One minute I have 100 loyal true blue fans and then suddenly someone triggers an avalanche of new followers and before I knew it I’m now looking at 4300 followers. I realize they come and go but it makes me nervous that all those people from all over the world are watching me. Can they see me sitting here in my fleece robe? Can they see my disheveled hair? Be afraid, very afraid! 🙂 Just a thought! LOL Good morning Ann.


    • Hi Bob,
      I missed this comment, sorry for the delayed response. Lucky for WP’s ever vigilant little orange circle! I’m not quite sure what’s happening with the followers. I think Twitter has a bit to do with it. I started twitting, I think 2 weeks ago maybe on the advice of another blogger. I was a bit nervous, but I strapped on my big girl blue-feathered pants and twittered up 🙂
      I’m such a bad tech person, only a few weeks ago I discovered the joys of the Reader. I sometimes go on there now and search by tags. I’ve been doing more visiting of other talented folks – artists/writers/.photographers. It’s great fun. I never realized you could do that. I’m truly a tech-banana.
      Truth – I don’t look at the follower number anymore. I think it would make me think more about what I’m doing. I already think too much to the point where it’s buggin’ my sleep. So, I’m happily going about my merry way and if lovely folks want to hop along with me to grandma’s house – I’d love the company 🙂 When someone new follows, I look with one eye closed because I don’t want to see what number they are. So far, so good.
      Wow! You’ve got a boatload and then some following you, my talented friend. Well-deserved…not only are you humorous, you’re talented, honest and forthright – a rare combo of qualities today!


      • Hey, what about my pretty face? LOL To be honest I do everything they say not to do. I don’t accept rewards, haven’t a clue what a reader is and only recently discovered the ability to schedule tomorrow’s posts today. My sudden following just sort of happened. I now have 4 blogs that takes a lot of work to maintain. Add in the photography student and my need to run away from it all occasionally and I’m a very busy guy in retirement. The zoo workers keep hounding me to become a volunteer and I’m holding out for religeous reasons. Seriously, After a local mom & pop bakery got sued for refusing to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple and lost in court I don’t volunteer for anything. We live in an insane world where it’s ok to kill yourself, your unborn child and smoke dope while doing it it all. I no longer want to be known as a human. I’m ashamed what we do to animals, the environment and each other. We’re gungho over protecting the environment yet have 5 gas guzzling SUVs in our two car garages. There’s no hope for this generation, like, like like.


      • Wow! Boom, boom, boom…
        I didn’t mention your pretty face because that’s a given, you stunning man you 🙂
        Well, stubborn guy – I’ve made up an award and when it gets going – it will get passed on to you – you’ve no choice but to accept – it’s call the ‘Chocolate Crown” and it goes to those bloggers we love for no other reason than we love what they represent or their talents or their generosity or all of the above…the CC can be given for anything. And the beauty is, you don’t need to recommend other blogs you just pass on to another blogger that it all and you get to go out and buy yourself yummy chocolate (or make pretend sweets) 😉 So just deal with it 😉
        I can’t believe you have 4 blogs, YIKES! I can’t imagine the work that takes.
        You are a busy man, good for you.
        But, on the earth outlook, I like to hold out hope – I look at my children and their nice friends, and I want to believe we haven’t screwed things up too much for them and that we will work to fix – there is an indomitable human spirit – it got us into this mess, it will get us out…
        Sadly, on the SUV front – I’m guilty as charged too. The giant husband and I did go shopping for a hybrid a few years back – they were exceptionally expensive and adding to our experience – he didn’t fit in any of the models offered.
        I have vowed, when the kiddies are gone and do not need carting around, I would like something much more eco-friendly.
        hope, hope, hope, my photo-taking friend with the handsome face 🙂


  4. The meal was great. We took our dog, Doc Watson, “Doc” for short, for dinner. He loves going to Smashburger for a Fido burger, with cheese. We picked Doc out a year ago. He is blind and deaf but knows when the car stops that he is at his favorite burger place. His senses of smell is impeccable. He thinks he’s a king when they bring him his burger on his own platter!
    Funny, “Duets” was the album playing in the car. It must be a thrill for so many people having such a talented man to play with. A highlight of their careers.


  5. Ten minutes was precisely what that sketch needed! I love it, just as it is. Years ago in Vegas there was a terrific faux rat-pack group singing at The Tropicana…and just for a few moments, I WAS that tramp. And once before, at Clint Eastwood’s Carmel River Ranch, the local little theater crowd was hanging out and singing 40s/50s stuff, and I, by dint of a sexy dress and knowing all the words, was asked to sing along. Wonderful memories. – Fawn


  6. Wow. And again wow. That I could “sketch” like that! Just catching up this morning…and when I first saw this my eye just saw the amazing color! The smudges and lines of that fuchsia! Then my eyes focused and saw the man and then the woman’s figure. You are one amazing lady! And the poem is great — I think we all have these dreams, these fantasies. Love reading your work. TIpping my coffee cup to you here from Boston 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, thanks Lillian.
      I started this morning late and haven’t visited the bloghood yet. I appreciate your generous words. I was a bit unsure about the art, but I was feeling quite lazy the other eve and didn’t feel like fixing it up.
      Thank you again for your uplifting comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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