sailing on terra firma

suspended by the cool sea
blue on blue

warm earth anchors
soil sanded tones

ebb and flow


you can sail
on terra firma
caroline in ocean

Seabiscuit Shell

Seabiscuit Shell

delicate daughter as a wayward mermaid – one of my favorite photos
seabiscuit shell created a few months ago after staring at my Breyer’s horse collection that shares my studio (yes, I keep plastic horses – in my defense – they are very pretty)
Maybe a Triple Crown…

19 thoughts on “sailing on terra firma

  1. You know I’m kind of a “numbers nut” and I happened to notice your post was delivered at 11:11 today. If you didn’t know, 11:11 is a very good, power/mystical number. This poem seems to be very powerful, mystical, too, and I love it. Your daughter really does look like a mermaid, btw. 😀 Great art, as usual. I think I could almost set my dinghy to sail by this piece.

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    • I figured you nutty, but not numbers nutty;) I kid!
      Thank you, Deb. I’ve had oceans on the brain of late. Must be the pending summer break…I need salty water 🙂
      I love that pic of Caroline. It was taken at Lake Champlain – home to Champy the Lake Monster. I believe we were looking for him that day.
      Let’s add nice big sails to those dinghies of ours. I call polka dots!


  2. Another of your few-stanzas, but nice poems!
    I appreciate your writing and both the pictures are nice.
    Plastic horses ? I think I’ll give my reaction after looking at their size.Ha ha


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