natural deselection

trexearth time past
folds before man laid claim
magnificent giants roamed
this planet’s hide
legged, tentacled, devoid of sense
spawning stuff of nightmares
breathing light of dreams
creatures of fantasy
bestowed as masterpieces
sharply enameled
horn heralded
club tailed
extraordinary strength
castrated by nature
on a sunless whim

t’rex duel created long ago while learning Adobe Illustrator, previously published

21 thoughts on “natural deselection

  1. AnnMarie, I think I’ve already told you how much I like these dinosaurs — I would say, “They’re din-o-mite,” but that would be too easy and cheesy. The poem is simply elegant in the way it uses isolated discriptors not only for the purpose of description (I know, that’s redundant), but as a way of understating the important message and therefore making it even starker and sadder (sorry, I’m tired tonight so my words are tripping all over themselves). 😉

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