our blue boys

the mantle has been empty far too long
I’ve been meaning to create another portrait
what else is an empty fireplace wall for?

it seems an eternity has passed
since working with a linen base and liquid pigment
pencil and paper are sometimes sorry replacements

on August 3, I set out my paints
and selected a canvas
large enough for a big dog
yet, not overwhelming
for a little one

our last Shepherd, Chama was a regal type
her stoic beauty typified her grace
I did my best to present these qualities
when I painted her formal portrait in 2002


our current dogs
Rocky the Shepherd
Mojo the Dachshund
what is it about this dynamic duo
that makes my family laugh often

they are quite goofy
yet, they can be fearless too
as small dogs usually go-
Mojo’s 13 pounds sees 90 in our Pella glass door
while a Shepherd cuts an intimidating figure
most times
Rocky acts quite silly

when conceptualizing a portrait
there is but one goal–
doing justice to
the subject(s)
outlook(s) on life
natural as the air they breath

in the case of Rocky and Mojo
I’d say joy
and since purple was not quite right
I chose the colors of a
blissful sky, a wistful ocean,
an icy fruit-sickle on a steamy day

our blue boys…
blue boys.largerBlue Boys, acrylic – 3′ x 2 1/2′
finished a few days ago, in between doing loads of laundry – ah, if only they could help with the chores, now that would be something πŸ˜‰

Chama (Chama the Shepherd looking at her portrait), oils – 2′ x 1 1/2′
painted in 2002Β  (sorry for poor photo quality)

35 thoughts on “our blue boys

  1. Great job AnnMarie! I miss my old friend ‘Chance’ who is rocking it in Doggie Heaven. I used to play with him. Throw the tennis ball. He was about 80 pounds and I would lift him up high because I was strong he liked that. He was my Uncle’s dog. Good dog. keep up the good work!


  2. Just wonderful. Beautiful dogs and a painting filled with love. (My finger is infected…on antibiotics and have to go to a hand doctor. 😦 I have to go to a hospital ER if the swelling goes down to my knuckle. I don’t know why they didn’t give me antibiotics right away. Oh well…hope your mom is good. πŸ™‚


    • Oh my goodness – so glad you’ve got antibiotics now. That must have been a bit unnerving. Here’s to quick healing –
      My mother-in-law (moving in with us end of Sept) had a similar thing happen to her long ago. She’s a stained glass artist and works with different metal foils. She’d sliced her finger on some metal foil and had it wrapped up. The finger became infected and those antibiotics really sped up the entire recovery process…
      Hope you have a nice weekend.
      And thank you re:portrait comment πŸ™‚


  3. Wowzers!! Such talent!!!
    The portrait of Chama – expresses her regal stoic charm. Stunning! (the photo of Rocky looking at Chama, so sweet!)
    And now the portrait of Rocky and Mojo, outstanding!! Your style, more casual yet crisp and….perfect. Again you succeeded in capturing their characters. I imagine Mojo playfully biting Rocky’s legs and their playful indoor barks at one another during playtime.
    The off-center format works beautifully especially when there is no specific background.
    Beautiful palette choice and their collars match the wall behind – great stuff AnnMarie!


  4. Sorry: I’m slow to make the rounds today. Love the finished work, AM. Interesting when you speak of the goal of the artist; I find that fascinating. You’ve certainly captured their canine “outlook on life” — simply beautiful. And you know, I just saw something this a.m. about Shepherds being such terrific dogs (and of course, so too dachshunds) which makes me think …. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      • Well, I’ve screwed up already this Saturday, too: was supposed to do volunteer @ PetSmart — slept right through it! Damn! Good luck with your architect meeting. Remember: Get as much light as possible, πŸ™‚ Your perfectly painted pooches are just more evidence that you need to be yielding those brushes on a consistent basis, friend (and of course, your fingers need be nimble on the keyboard as well, as well!). Happy Saturday.


  5. Your Blue Boys look like quite a pair! I sometimes wish Chance had a doggy buddy, but he is so totally bonded with the humans around here that I don’t think he would welcome another dog. We tried a couple of years ago when a friend needed a home for his very high-strung and purebred German Shepard — he went from snapping and snarling in his quest to be the Alpha dog to outright attacking Chance. Needless to say, we found him a new home.

    Here’s to a creative weekend for you! – Fawn


    • We acquired Mojo several years after Rocky’s entrance into our world. I knew Rocky would welcome him without issue because that’s his personality. Shepherds take their guard duties quite seriously – that’s why they have the many jobs they have in our society. It can occasionally be a challenge taking in an adult Shepherd. You were kind to give it a try. All my Shepherds started with me when they were under one year old. There was only one – we tried adopting – he was five – it didn’t work out either – ultimately, I felt I couldn’t completely trust him around strange kids (and with my art lessons it wasn’t worth the risk). He was a gorgeous animal and found a terrific home.
      Happy Weekend.


  6. What a fabulous artist the detail within the brush work is fanatic. I was looking at three paintings in a church when the artist started talking to me. When I described the very fine detail the hairs on the stems on plants and the silent flight feathers of the hawk. we sat in a pew it was then I found out that he was the artist. He explained when he left school he could neither read or write his artistic work had been exhibited since he was 12. ‘Then said to me you’er Dyslexic most people see a bird a flower an animal etc a dyslexic sees the fine detail. Both the dogs are alive in the painting well done thank you for giving me the privilege of viewing their port-rate Best wishes Ray


  7. Hmmm…somehow only the Rocky/Mojo painting came up alone — now that I see the words with it — not only do I think the painting is great, but I love the way Mojo is sitting, sort of under beside Rocky :). ..and the two names with the size differential makes me think they do a lot if high jinx together!
    Love the regal portrait of Chama – especially with her sitting here looking at it. She looks like she’s communicating with her inner self. Love this!


    • I reposted their pooch portrait when I realized Chama’s yellowed-photo was the one that appeared in the Reader. And yes, you’re absolutely on the money – the blue boys get into much trouble together πŸ˜‰
      Thank you, for your kind words on these pieces, Lillian.


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